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Whitening Toothpaste, Herbal Clove, Antibacterial, Coconut Flavor

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  • Brand Name: TackOre
  • Model Number: Rasyan
  • Item Type: Toothpaste
  • Ingredient: Remove Stain Toothpaste
  • Age Group: Adults
  • Quantity: 1 box (buy whitening toothpaste)
  • NET WT: 25g
  • SKU: 1510200681
  • Effects: Teeth Whitening, Allergic Toothpaste
  • Applicable Objects: Remove Stain Toothpaste
  • Smell: Coconut flavor

Description: (buy whitening toothpaste)

Whitening toothpaste is effective for removing surface stains from the teeth, but they can’t change the natural tooth color. Those who have noticeable stains from soda, coffee, or cigarettes can expect visible changes with regular use of quality whitening toothpaste. However, if your discoloration runs deeper, there are other whitening products that can better bring about the changes you’re after.

Understanding the active ingredients used for tooth whitening and the differences between various products will help you choose the treatment that best meets your needs.

Immediate Appearance of Whitening

If you’re dealing with day-to-day surface stains from yellowing beverages or other lifestyle habits, whitening toothpaste can help you scrub away this discoloration before it becomes a permanent part of your smile. However, this typically takes between 2 and 6 weeks of regular use. If you want a whiter appearance with the first application, you can achieve this through something of an optical illusion. (buy whitening toothpaste)


Morning and evening, each time you use, squeeze the product bean size on a toothbrush, a little bow light brush your teeth, after brushing with a rinse with water.

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Dental Experts Recommend:

Three years of age children should be under adult guidance.

Love Tips:

Cleaning the teeth for the baby when out of the toothbrush such as soya bean small does of toothpaste can. if larger ingested. consult a doctor as soon as possible. (buy whitening toothpaste)


Sorbitol, hydrated silica, water, Xylitol, polyethylene glycol-400, sodium lauryl alcohol sulfate ester, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, card tara gum, flavor, peppermint extract, loquat extract, benzoic acid sodium, saccharin sodium, vitamin E, CI 16225:2.

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