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4 Lines CPU Cooler, 6 Heatpipe Dual-tower Cooling 9cm Fan, Support Intel AMD, CPU Cooling Fan 115X 1366 2011


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  • Brand Name: Arsylid 
  • Compatible CPU: Intel/AMD
  • Fan Size: 92x92x25mm
  • Lines4 Lines (Buy CPU cooler)
  • Heatsink Material: Copper & Aluminum
  • Power: 1.56W
  • Application: Processor
  • Bearing: Fluid Bearing
  • Air Volume: 45CFM
  • Power Interface: 4PIN
  • Noise: 22dBA
  • Type: Heatpipe
  • Model Number: CN-609A 
  • Fan Life30000 hrs
  • PackageYes (Buy CPU cooler)
  • Fan Speed Control: 2000±10%RPM

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Why using a CPU cooler is important?

CPU is the most important organ of the computer and without which the operating system can not be run. CPU makes the computer operator write, store, send, and, etc. Therefore using a CPU cooler is so important to draw heat away from the CPU and other components in the enclosure.

The CPU fan is the most simple and ultimate thing that keeps the CPU cool and workable. Due to the excessive pressures and heat, the CPU becomes very hot and under such circumstances, it is the CPU fan that makes the CPU capable of working properly. This small part is fixed in the inner part of the CPU and starts working as soon as the CPU is started. (Buy CPU cooler)

The CPU is a combination of a number of parts namely the motherboard, memory, arithmetic, and logical components, and, etc. The task that is performed by these components of the CPU is no doubt the very important ones. Therefore when all these will work continuously and together, it is natural that these will get a high temperature. One of these components can burn due to extreme heat and workload. (Buy CPU cooler)
In order to keep them cool and to give them sufficient air to cope up with the situation, using a CPU cooler is very essential.

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Do you want to learn how to install a CPU cooler in an AMD motherboard? (Buy CPU cooler)

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