Ombre Braiding Hair Online, 24"(60cm), Jumbo Braids, 100g/pc
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Ombre Braiding Hair Extensions, 24″(60cm), Jumbo Braids, 100g/pc


Ombre braiding hair online


  • Brand Name: Feilimei
  • Material Grade: High-Temperature Fiber
  • Texture: Jumbo Braids
  • Items per Package: 1strands/pack
  • Color Type: Ombre

Description: (ombre braiding hair online)

Ombre hair extensions are a great way to add length and color effects in an instant and anyone can pull them off with a good ombre hair extension set. The contrast of the dark and light just seems to look really great on many women, which is why so many are still requesting ombre hair at the salon. The ombre trend is one that will stay around for a while and looks good on so many which is why it is in demand. Investing in a set of ombre hair extensions is a great idea as this ombre trend will be around for a while and you can switch out your regular hair extensions for your ombre hair extensions any time you feel like switching up your look. Ombre hair extensions are great for adding a pop of color and are a great accessory to have to transform hair instantly.

Ombre hair extension:

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Ombre hair is where the root is darker and blends into a lighter shade. In the salon, this is done by hand painting (aka Balayage) to create a dark to light effect. However, getting ombre hair in the salon can cost a lot, not to mention the bleach does damage the hair. This is why so many are turning to ombre hair extensions to give them that beautiful blonde dark to blonde ombre looks without the use of chemicals or hours in the salon ruining their own hair. Ombre hair extensions are great for changing your look without needing to damage your hair or keep up with the ombre look every few months. When you have a pair of ombre hair extensions you will be able to add the color in and out whenever you chose. (ombre braiding hair online)

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Brand Name


Material Grade

High-Temperature Fiber


Jumbo Braids

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