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Digital Voltmeter, Mini, Ammeter DC, Dual LED Display, 0.56”

  • 4 Bit 100V 10A4 Bit 100V 10A
  • 4 Bit 200V 10A4 Bit 200V 10A
  • Blue Blue DisplayBlue Blue Display
  • Blue Green DisplayBlue Green Display
  • DC 0-30V 3WireDC 0-30V 3Wire
  • DC 4.5V-30V 2WireDC 4.5V-30V 2Wire
  • Green Green DisplayGreen Green Display
  • LCD Volt Amp ModuleLCD Volt Amp Module
  • Red Blue DisplayRed Blue Display
  • Red Green DisplayRed Green Display

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  • Brand Name: Diymore
  • Model Number: 100V 10A
  • DIY Supplies: Electrical
  • Display Type: Digital Only
  • Dimensions: 0.56”
  • Power Supply: DC (buy digital voltmeter)
  • Operating Temperature: -10+-65
  • Accuracy Class: High
  • Measuring Range: Please check instruction
  • Working current of Meter itself: ≤20mA
  • Voltage Measuring range: DC 0 – 100V
  • Current Measuring range: DC 0 – 10A

The working voltage of Meter itself:

  • DC 4 – 30V(The maximum input voltage can not exceed 30V. Otherwise the meter will be burned)
  • Voltage resolution (V): 0.1V
  • Current resolution (A): 0.01A
  • Measure accuracy: 1% (± 1 digit)
  • Display: 0.28″ digital tube, Two-color blue and red
  • Refresh rate: about 300mS / times (buy digital voltmeter)
  • Dimensions: 48mm*29mm*26mm
  • Operation Temp: -10°-+65°
Package Include:
  • 1PCS x Mini Digital Voltmeter Ammeter DC 100V 10A Panel Amp Volt Current Meter Tester 0.56″ Blue + Red Dual LED Display.

Description: (buy digital voltmeter)

100% Brand new and high quality.
This Red DC Voltage Meter with DC4.5-30V range. It is easy to read, install and use.
And it is a self-powered version and supports Reverse polarity protection.
When the voltage is under 10V, there will 2 readings after the decimal point, which means the accuracy is 0.01 when it is under 10V; when it is above 10v, the accuracy is 0.1.

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Mini RedLED display

  • No power supply needed
  • Measure Voltage: DC 4.5-30V two-wire access
  • Display: Three-digit 0.56″ LED, Red/Blue/Green color
  • Refresh Speed: Approx.300mS/time
  • Highest input: DC 30V (higher than 30v has the risk of burn up)
  • Minimum input: DC 4.5V(below than 4.5V, measurement is inaccurate or does not show)
  • Minimum Resolution: 0.01V(<10V)/0.1V(>10V)
  • Resolution: 1%plusmn1digit (buy digital voltmeter)
  • Working Temperature: -20℃~65℃
  • Size: Approx. 48mm x 29mm x 22mm(L*W*H)
  • Hole Size: Approx.46*27mm
  • Current Consumption: <23mA
  • LED Color:  Red/Blue/Green color
  • Quantity: 1pcs

Package Included:

  • 1PC*Digital Voltmeter.

DC 0V-30V

  • Size: Approx 46 x 29 x 22 mm
  • Precision: 1%
  • Display Mode: 3 digits
  • Range: DC 0V-30V
  • Feed input range: DC 4,5-30V (buy digital voltmeter)
  • Operating Current: less than 20mA
  • Display color: Red/ Blue/ Green
  • Storage temperature: + -10degC has 65degC
  • The black wire connects the common negative, the red wire connects the positive power, the white wire connects the positive input of the detention

Package Included:

  • 1 x Mini voltmeter.

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