Best Bra Laundry Bag, Mesh Bag, Foldable, Zipper, 6Pcs/sets
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Bra Laundry Bag, Mesh Bag, Foldable, Zipper, 6Pcs/sets

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Best bra laundry bag


  • Brand Name: NoEnName_Null
  • Model Number: JC0516
  • Material: Polyester
  • Style: Foldable
  • Usage: Home
  • Use: Cleaning
  • Size:1 Large: 50*60cm/19.6*23.6inch, 1 Medium: 40*50cm/15.7*19.6inch, 1 Small: 30*40cm/11.8*15.7inch, 1 Underwear washing bag: diameter*height: 16*17cm/6.3*6.7inch, 2 Domed washing bags: 16*15cm/6.3*5.9inch
  • Please allow a 0.5-1 inch error due to manual measurement.

Features: (best bra laundry bag)

  • Different sizes for various kinds of clothing for your whole family, breathable polyester fiber material, high quality and durable.
  • These laundry bags can be used for washing machine, moreover, it also can be used to be a travel organizer bag to sort your clothes, the see-through mesh makes it easy for you to find your belongings.
  • Preventing damage to your clothes in the washer and dryer, cutting down friction and avoiding snags and tangles, extend garment life.
  • Zipper elastic band is a high-elastic anti-wear, can avoid hooking to other clothing, remember to tuck the zipper pull inside the flap to prevent the laundry bag from opening while in the washer or dryer.


A laundry bag, also known as a lingerie bag, comes in pretty dang handy when washing delicate, such as lingerie and other related items.
With the lingerie bags it’s really easy—just place whatever you need to (your bras, nylons, or other delicate) into the bag and then throw it in with the rest of your laundry. Laundry bags are really simple and don’t take any extra effort or time on your part besides zipping the zipper.

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The great part about lingerie bags is that you can wash them and their contents with the rest of your laundry. When you wash your bras in the laundry bag you don’t have to deal with tangled straps, the hooks snagging on other bits of laundry, and other sundry laundry problems. Laundry bags solve the two greatest bra-washing problems: the tangling of bras in the wash and the consequent distorting of the said bra. With the laundry bag, you don’t have to worry about any of that!

So if you invest in a laundry bag you’ll greatly simplify your life and better preserve your bras.

Package includes:

  • Set of 6 Laundry Bags.

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