Weight Scale Best Buy, Smart Electronic, LED, Toughened Glass
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Digital Body Weight Scale, Smart Electronic, LED, Toughened Glass, 180kg


Weight scale best buy


  • Brand Name: VOZRO
  • Model Number: A3
  • Type: Household Scales
  • Material: 5mmToughened Glass
  • Battery: 3 AAA batteries
  • Function: Weight Measuring
  • Display: LED Display
  • Pattern Type: Solid
  • Shape: Square (weight scale best buy)
  • Scale Type: Digital
  • Health Scale Metal Bonding Point: Four-point Type
  • Health Scale Weight Indication: Digital
  • Scale value: 0.1KG
  • Size: 290*260*20mm
  • Unit: KG/ LB


  • LED display, can clearly read at night,2 Units of measurement (KG/LB).
  • Immediate auto power on as soon as you step on the scale, Auto power off in 10 seconds as soon as you step off the scale.
  • Tempered glass platform, resistant to cracks, strong safety performance. (weight scale best buy)
  • Equipped with four high-precision sensors, instantaneous capture of subtle changes.
  • Weight up to 180KG,Scale value 0.1KG.

Description: (weight scale best buy)

The most common resolution women make in their life is losing weight. Weight loss journey can be both a pleasant and stressful experience. To succeed in this quest is by bringing some changes to our lifestyle, eating habits and workout schedule. One of the best ways to track this is by using bodyweight scales accurately.

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Advantages of using a bodyweight scale:

For most folks, confirmation of bodyweight loss comes mainly from a scale; though this can be a benefit, the number should not be taken seriously.

Helps in managing the progress: A weighing scale provides accurate data to manage the process better. Checking your bodyweight can give a sense of accountability that the method your following is working. (weight scale best buy)

Motivates to continue: In addition to this bodyweight scales act as a motivation and evidence that your hard work is paying off, being recognized for your work is the biggest motivation you need to continue with your journey.

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Brand Name



Household Scales


Toughened Glass


3 AAA batteries

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