Bag Phone For Sale, Waterproof, Nylon, Camo Belt Case
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Waist Belt Bag For Phone, Waterproof, Nylon, Camo Belt Case

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  • ACU ClaspACU Clasp
  • Army GreenArmy Green
  • Army Green ClaspArmy Green Clasp
  • BlackBlack
  • Black ClaspBlack Clasp
  • Coyote BrownCoyote Brown
  • Coyote Brown ClaspCoyote Brown Clasp
  • CP CamouflageCP Camouflage
  • CP Camouflage ClaspCP Camouflage Clasp
  • Desert ACUDesert ACU
  • Desert ACU ClaspDesert ACU Clasp
  • Digital CamouflageDigital Camouflage
  • Jungle ACUJungle ACU
  • jungle camouflagejungle camouflage
  • Ruin CamouflageRuin Camouflage
  • RuinCamouflage ClaspRuinCamouflage Clasp

Bag phone for sale


  • Brand Name: FEELTO
  • Name: Tactical Molle Bag, Pouch Belt, Sports Waist Pack Bag Pocket
  • Type: Outdoor camouflage bag, pouch EDC army flashlight case
  • Backpacks Type: Softback
  • Material: Nylon
  • Gender: Men
  • Rain Cover: No
  • Function: Waterproof, Durable, Compact
  • Weight: 80g (bag phone for sale)
  • Color: 7 color
  • Size: 16*10*2cm
  • Style: Hunting Camo Flashlight Phone(6S) Case & Bag
  • Suitable for: Outdoor, camping, climbing, fishing, cycling, travel, daylife

Features: (bag phone for sale)

  • 100% Brand new and high quality!
  • It is a strong webbing belt loop on the rear.
  • Perfect for outdoor activity lovers, it can hang on the belt.
  • Versatile utility pouch with fastening. (bag phone for sale)
  • It can be attached to any molle webbing vest, bag, duty belt or backpack.
  • Durable nylon material, strong, high-strength
  • Suitable for mobile phone, key, wallet, and other accessories.
  • Perfect for outdoor camping, travel, climbing, etc.


Other advantages with a belt bag? You get a two for one: a belt and a bag. Admittedly, you’re not going to fit your entire house in this bag. It’s not a gym bag, but you can definitely carry your necessities with you. As you can see, the pro list could go on forever. Really, the only downside is that it’s associated with the 80s fanny pack, which is something you don’t want to admit to owning unless you’re a mom of four kids at Disney Land. (bag phone for sale)

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Speaking in practical terms, the belt bag solves all of your travel problems. How many times have you stood in line at the airport security frantically rummaging through your purse looking for your boarding pass – if you’re still old-fashioned and prefer the printed version? Even if it’s on your phone, your boarding pass is close by and easy to grab. This also solves the my-phone-is-ringing-and-now-I-have-to-look-for-it-and-hope-I-answer-it-on-time situation. Depending on the size of your belt bag, even your liquids could fit inside and you wouldn’t run the risk of your underwear falling out when opening your carry-on trolley. A belt bag is a traveler’s best friend! (bag phone for sale)

Package List:
  • 1 * Military Phone Bag.
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