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iPad Case, Leather, Smart Cover For iPad Air1/ Air2/ 2018/2019/ 6th/ 7th Generation, 9.7″

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iPad case buy online

Details: (iPad case buy online)

  • The Front Trifold Smart Cover is made of polyurethane and soft touching rubberized coating on the insides and outsides of the rear shell which feels good in the hands and makes it less slippery. This is a one-piece case, the front and back do not separate. (iPad case buy online)
  • Build-in magnet, makes it stay close attached to your Pad and automatic wake sleep by opening or closing the smart cover.
  • Easy access to all the controls and features; Perfect cutouts for speakers, camera and other ports.


The Smart Cover from Apple still works great. The thin polyurethane screen cover, which comes in several colors, folds back into a little triangular stand for holding up the iPad (helpful when using it with a keyboard, which is not included). Peel it back and the iPad starts up without you even having to hit the home button; covering the screen puts it to sleep. (iPad case buy online)

Automatic wake/sleep feature

One of the smartest features of a smart iPad cover is automatic on/off feature. When you close the cover, your iPad automatically goes into sleep mode. When you open the cover, your iPad automatically wakes up again. (iPad case buy online)

No more worries about draining the battery. No more time wasted booting up the iPad again when you’re in a rush. The automatic wake/sleep feature takes care of all that for you.

Stand feature

A second smart feature is the ability to fold the iPad cover into a stand. There are two heights available—one for using the keyboard and one for viewing the iPad (which comes in handy for watching movies or viewing recipes while you’re cooking). (iPad case buy online)

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The primary purpose of an iPad case is to protect what is a very expensive and delicate device from damage caused by knocks, scrapes and even falls. The whole idea is that, if and when an accident does occur, the damage will be borne by the casing rather than by the iPad itself. Since iPads first appeared, people have admitted to sitting on them, dropping them from heights, leaving them on car hoods and even out in the rain overnight. While not all survived, those that did probably did so because they had a protective case. (iPad case buy online)

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