Duvet Cover Set Sale, Soft, Polyester, Printed, 3-7Pcs
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Bedding Sets, Duvet Cover Set, Soft, Polyester, Printed, 3-7Pcs

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Duvet cover set sale


  • Brand Name: Magic Babg
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Type: Duvet Cover Set (Without Comforter)
  • Color Fastness (Grade): National Standards
  • Style: Modern
  • Weight: 0.8-1.7KG
  • Fabric Density: 128X68
  • Fabric Count: 30 (duvet cover set sale)
  • Pattern: Printed
  • Filling: None
  • Thread Count: 200TC
  • Technics: Reactive Printing
  • Pattern Type: Cartoon
  • Grade: Quality
  • Quantity: 3-7pcs
  • Is_customized: Yes

Application Sizes:

  •  1.0m (3.3 feet);
  • 1.2m (4 feet);
  • 1.35m (4.5 feet);
  • 1.5m (5 feet); (duvet cover set sale)
  • 1.8m (6 feet);
  • 2.0m (6.6 feet);
  • 2.2m (7 feet);
  • 2.5m (8 feet);
  • 2.8m (9 feet).

Description: (duvet cover set sale)

Duvet is to duvet cover as pillow is to pillowcase. A duvet cover is a protective layer that slips over the duvet and has a closure. Because duvets and comforters can be expensive and difficult to clean, duvet cover sets are useful because they protect your comforter during use and are easily removed and easy to wash. With duvet covers, you can also quickly and easily change the look of your bed and room without having to completely redecorate. (duvet cover set sale)

The duvet should fit snugly inside a duvet cover set which can be removed and washed when needed. The duvet cover set also allows you to change the style or color choice of your bedding with the simple switch of the cover. This allows for easy changes from season to season.

Using a duvet cover has some seriously great benefits:

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1. Protect and increase the longevity of your duvet.

With duvets, especially down-filled, getting higher in quality and therefore more expensive, they’ve become real investment pieces. You want to get bang for your buck and one important way of doing that is to use a duvet cover set. The extra layer surrounding the duvet will take on any dirt and dust, and prevent the shell of the duvet from wearing. The added layer also helps to keep feathers from escaping. (duvet cover set sale)

2. Cleaning becomes a breeze.

Washing your duvet cover set is far less hassle than cleaning your comforter. Most comforters require dry cleaning and over time, those bills can really add up! For duvet cover sets, you simply have to take them off and throw them in the laundry machine. The covers are machine washable and often quick to dry. This ease factor may really come into play when you’ve got pets constantly shedding all over your bedding!

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Brand Name

Magic Babg


Duvet Cover Set(Without Comforter)


100% Polyester

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