Bike Wheel Lights Cheap, LED Lights, 7 LED Flash, Double-Side
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Bicycle Wheel Spoke Lights, LED Lights, 7 LED Flash, Double-Side


Bike wheel lights cheap


  • Brand Name: SHENGMEIYU
  • Model Number: Bicycle Light
  • Certification: CCC
  • Mounting Placement: Tyre Valve Caps
  • Power Supply: Battery

Features: (bike wheel lights cheap)

1. Double sense (sensitive Vibration and Light)
2. Led Flash English letters and automatically change;
3. 100% Waterproof, Do not worry about the LED light will be damaged when it rains or car wash.
4. Our latest product is a double-side. When you ride, the way people can see words on both sides.
5. Power: 3 AG10 button batteries(not included) (bike wheel lights cheap)
6. Dimensions: 7.4×1.6 cm /2.91×0.63 inch.


To ride safely at night, it is imperative to have a reliable set of lights. Bike lights are a must-have whether you are commuting from work or caught in a storm when mountain biking. While most people rely on the front and backlight combinations to see and be seen on the road, these bike lights do not offer ample side on visibility to other road users. Luckily, we have other cool and modern bike lights that offer you 360 degrees visibility while riding your bike at night. These are the bike wheel lights. (bike wheel lights cheap)

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The best bike wheel lights will ensure that you are visible by other road users from all angles and still adding a modern touch and shine to your bike. These lights are often mounted to the bike’s spokes, valves, or hubs to create a colorful effect that ensures that you ride in style. The main advantage of these bike wheel lights is closer to the ground mounting, which enables the rider to see the obstacles and imperfections on the ground clearly. They also produce more light ensuring better visibility to other road users. (bike wheel lights cheap)

Package included:

  • 1 x Bicycle Wheel Spoke.

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