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Semi-Blackout Curtains For Living Room, Floral, Jacquard Style

  • Black Thick CurtainBlack Thick Curtain
  • Black Tulle CurtainBlack Tulle Curtain
  • Brown Thick CurtainBrown Thick Curtain
  • Brown Tulle CurtainBrown Tulle Curtain
  • Gray Thick CurtainGray Thick Curtain
  • Gray Tulle CurtainGray Tulle Curtain
  • White Thick CurtainWhite Thick Curtain
  • White Tulle CurtainWhite Tulle Curtain
  • Yellow Thick CurtainYellow Thick Curtain
  • Yellow Tulle CurtainYellow Tulle Curtain
  • W100cm L200cmW100cm L200cm
  • W100cm L270cmW100cm L270cm
  • W150cm L270cmW150cm L270cm
  • W200cm L250cmW200cm L250cm
  • W250cm L270cmW250cm L270cm
  • W300cm L250cmW300cm L250cm
  • W350cm L270cmW350cm L270cm
  • W400cm L250cmW400cm L250cm
  • W500cm L270cmW500cm L270cm
  • 2 Grommet Top2 Grommet Top
  • 4 Pull Pleated Tape4 Pull Pleated Tape

Best blackout curtains


  • Brand Name: NAPEARL
  • Type: General Pleat
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Format: Rope
  • Pattern: Yarn Dyed
  • Pattern Type: Floral
  • Processing Accessories Cost: Included
  • Applicable Window Type: Flat Window
  • Style: Jacquard (best blackout curtains)
  • Location: Window
  • Technics: Woven
  • Opening and Closing Method: Left and Right Biparting Open
  • Function: Translucidus (Shading Rate 1%-40%)
  • Installation Type: Exterior Installation
  • Is_customized: Yes

Description: (best blackout curtains)

With so many varieties of textiles, designs and draping patterns, choosing the right curtains for your home can be an elaborate and trying process. Curtains add to the elegance of your home but more than that they serve the practical purpose of protecting your privacy. There are different kinds of window treatments but curtains are the most popular and classic choice. Blackout curtains are a practical choice that looks beautiful, protects your privacy and blocks light and noise almost entirely.

Blocks out light

Blackout curtains can block out a major part of the light that enters a room. The backside is made of multiple layers of tightly woven, heavy fabric which is absolutely opaque. You will still have a soft and soothing light streaming into the room through the curtain which can be very relaxing. Hence, if you’re working a night shift and need to sleep during the day, these curtains are the perfect solution to block light and darken the room significantly. Also, if you have a separate TV room with a complete home theater set-up, installing blackout curtains can emulate the ambiance of a theater. (best blackout curtains)

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Proper insulation and energy-efficient

At least one-third of energy wastage happens during conversion and generation of heat through the windows. This, in turn, leads to additional energy consumption through the heating and cooling system of your house. The blackout curtains can control the insulation of the house and thus moderate the thermal loss. Many manufacturers claim that it can reduce the thermal loss of up to 25%, which can significantly reduce your electricity bill.

Reduce noise pollution

Blackout curtains can block street noise significantly because of the thick fabric and additional back lining that acts as a noise insulator. You can have a sound sleep when you are not disturbed by external noises at all. Though it will not completely block out external disturbances, it can reduce them significantly. (best blackout curtains)

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General Pleat


100% Polyester



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