Magnifying Glasses For Sale, LED Light, Headband, 5 Lens
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Magnifying Glasses With Lamp, LED Light, Headband, 5 Lens, 1.0X/ 1.5X/ 2.0X/ 2.5X/ 3.5X

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Magnifying glasses for sale


  • Brand Name: Xtremecraft
  • Material: Plastic
  • Style: Handheld
  • Magnification:1X, 1.5X, 2X, 2.5X, 3.5X.
  • Light Source: None (magnifying glasses for sale)
  • With Light Or Not: No
  • Color: Randomly
  • Powered by 3 x AAA battery (not included)

Features: (magnifying glasses for sale)                                                                                           

  • 100% Brand New & High Quality.
  • The lens is treated with a strengthened process to reach surface hardness of H5 degrees.
  • 5-magnification head magnifier with 2-LED light.
  • 5 kinds of multiple lenses can be chosen, 1.0X, 1.5X, 2.0X, 2.5X and 3.5X.
  • Use this tool, you can magnify things by 1 time, 1.5 times, 2.0 times, 2.5 times or 3.5 times.
  • Suitable for reading books/newspapers, making hand gifts, drawing pictures, etc. (magnifying glasses for sale)
  • Easy to replace the batteries.
  • Great product for the watchmaking and repair industry, especially for inspecting those tiny parts.

LED Features:

  • 2 LEDs for illumination.
  • A light head magnifying glasses of wide-view scope with 3D lens and light.
  • The headlight can be adjusted for a good angle. (magnifying glasses for sale)
  • It comes with an adjustable elastic headband for easy use.
  • Environmental protection and energy saving.

Magnification :   Field of view:

1.0 x                      555mm
1.5 x                      381mm
2.0 x                      278mm
2.5 x                      183mm
3.5 x                      156mm

Description: (magnifying glasses for sale)

Magnifying glasses permeate the world in various sizes and forms and have applications ranging from the comparatively mundane — say, making otherwise difficult-to-read magazine text large enough to discern — to the scientifically profound — for instance, bringing fantastically far-away elements of the universe into clear focus and allowing people to see microscopic organisms. Its work thanks to the simple principles of optical physics.

Magnifying lenses in human endeavors

In addition to making reading easier by functionally enlarging the words on printed pages, magnifying glasses broaden humankind’s understanding of nature by allowing people to see in great detail what they otherwise wouldn’t see at all. The magnifying lens of a powerful microscope reveals the appearance of tiny bacteria and even viruses. The magnifying lenses in astronomical telescopes afford breathtaking images of distant planets, galaxies, and other heavenly objects. Birdwatchers and other naturalists enjoy enhanced views of their targets using binoculars. Each of these instruments takes advantage of the same essential magnifying lenses found in hand-held units, and differ primarily in their arrangement and power. (magnifying glasses for sale)

The physics of magnifying glasses

A magnifying glass is a convex lens. Convex means curved outward. It is the opposite of concave or curved inward. A lens is something that allows light rays to pass through it and bends, or refracts, them as they do so. A magnifying glass uses a convex lens because these lenses cause light rays to converge, or come together.

Package List  :

  • 1 x Magnifier(without retail package, no color box);
  • 1 x Headband;
  • 5 x Lens;
  • 1 x Manual.

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1X, 1.5X, 2X, 2.5X, 3.5X

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