Folding Stove For Sale, Mini Portable, 3000W, Gas Burner Cooker
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Mini Portable Folding Stove For Camping, 3000W, Gas Burner Cooker


Folding stove for sale


  • Brand Name: Hewolf
  • Type: Multi-purpose Fuel Stove
  • Model: Folding Mini Camping Stove Outdoor Gas Stove
  • Main material: Stainless steel + Copper + Aluminium
  • DisposableNo
  • Usage Condition: Normal Outdoor
  • Structure: One-Piece
  • Number of Users: <3
  • Fuel: Butane gas
  • Power: 3000W
  • Fuel: Gas (folding stove for sale)
  • Style: Outdoor
  • Stove Type: Gas Stove
  • Folded size: 33 * 52mm / 1.3 * 2.0in(D * H)
  • Unfolded size: 85 * 69mm / 3.3 * 2.7in(D * H)
  • Item weight: Approx. 45g / 1.6oz
  • Piece Number Of Wind Deflector: No wind shield
  • Applicable Seasoning Type: Solid Seasoning
  • Application Method: Manual
  • With Fuel or Not: No
  • Automatic Alarming or Not (Kettle): No
  • With Ignition Device or Not: Included
  • With Wooden Handle or Not: No
  • Package weight: 58g / 2.0oz (folding stove for sale)
  • Package size: 5.5 * 3.7 * 3.5cm / 2.2 * 1.5 * 1.4in

Features: (folding stove for sale)

  • Only weighs 45g, mini size, easily fit into your pocket.
  • Strong firepower up to 3000W.
  • With a foldable switch to control the power as you need.
  • Collapsible bracket, anti-skid, and strong bearing capacity. (folding stove for sale)
  • It comes in a pouch for convenient carry.
  • Note: Gas cartridge in NOT included here.

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Despite what the movies would have you believe, cooking outdoors doesn’t always involve skewering meat on a stick and roasting it over an open campfire. Several different types of lightweight cooking stoves exist for camping or backpacking, but choosing from such a variety can sometimes be tricky.

One advantage of all types of lightweight cooking stoves is the possibility of adding more variety to your diet while camping, rather than eating just trail mix and jerky. Plus, they provide a convenient way to boil water for drinking and washing up. (folding stove for sale)

You’re no less “roughing it” by using a lightweight cooking stove instead of an open campfire. These convenient stoves stash securely into your backpack and are easy to use.

Package List:

  • 1 * Burner;
  • 1 * Pouch.

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Brand Name



Multi-purpose Fuel Stove

Main material

Stainless steel + Copper + Aluminium

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