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3D Bathroom Wall Stickers, Vinyl Decals, Animal, PVC, Waterproof

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Buy toilet wall stickers


  • Brand Name: BRUP
  • Model Number: BR-14109
  • Material: PVC
  • Pattern: 3D Sticker
  • Censor Code: 0001
  • Style: Modern (buy toilet wall stickers)
  • Scenarios: Toilet
  • ThemeAnimal
  • Application: Home
  • Function: Waterproof& Removable
  • Suitable: Wall,  Toilet, Refrigerator& Bathroom
  • Package: Single-piece Package

Description: (buy toilet wall stickers)

A wall decals which is also called a wall sticker is made of a vinyl sticker. It could be easily attached to a wall or even any type of smooth surfaces, such as mirrors and doors, to decorate them. Some wall decals use one color only while there are many various designs full of colors like images. (buy toilet wall stickers)

There are several advantages to choosing bathroom wall stickers to decorate your bathroom. These benefits are as the following:


Bathroom wall stickers make the small bathroom looks larger and wonderful. As there are different designs with several sunning colors which could be suitable for all bathrooms styles? (buy toilet wall stickers)

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Waterproof Substances

These wall stickers are always made of waterproof substances. As a consequence, water and steam could not affect their shapes and colors while taking a shower. In addition, attaching these stickers to your bathroom wall needs no time. You could perform this job by yourself without any additional materials or tools in a very short period of time.


In the decoration market, there are several designs of bathroom wall stickers to help to restyle your bathroom without costing much money. For instance, ocean creatures like fish and dolphins. (buy toilet wall stickers)

Easy to install

It does not need a professional team or even any previous experience to perform this job by yourself. You only need the bathroom wall sticker that you have already chose and a squeegee which is the only simple tool that you need. Firstly, you have to choose the place where you want to attach the sticker to it. Secondly, cleaning the surface with sponge and soap then leaving it until dry. Finally, remove the protecting cover of up the wall decal carefully and adhere it to the wall using the squeegee to remove any air bubbles.

In conclusion, using bathroom wall stickers means several benefits for you. For instance, you have the ability to do it by yourself as it needs no professional teams. Moreover, it saves time and money. Just a few minutes to finish the whole task. (buy toilet wall stickers)

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