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Camping Stove Burner Adaptor, Furnace Converter, Aluminium alloy, Tank Cylinder Adapter

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  • Brand Name: widesea
  • Type: Switch Tool
  • Material: Nylon + Copper + Aluminium alloy
  • Model: 212
  • Number of Users: 3-5
  • Structure: Split
  • Fuel: Propane
  • Application Method: Manual
  • Usage Condition: Cold Climate
  • Disposable: No
  • Style: Outdoor (buy gas connector)
  • Dimension: 3.9 * 2.8cm / 1.5 * 1.1in(D * T)
  • Weight: 58g / 2.0oz
  • With Ignition Device or Not: Not Included
  • Automatic Alarming or Not (Kettle): No
  • Applicable Seasoning Type: Solid Seasoning
  • With Fuel or Not: No
  • With Wooden Handle or Not: No
  • Piece Number Of Wind Deflector: No windshield

Features: (buy gas connector)

  • The stove connector is used to connect standard flat tank stove and long tank so that to lower cost.
  • With the automatic closing function, when connected to the long tank gas bottle, it won’t leak through the stove is not connected.
  • Great accessory for outdoor camping burner, picnic burner, etc. (buy gas connector)
  • Lightweight, easy to carry.


Camp stove:

Many of us turn to camp stoves to prepare our meals in the backcountry, and why not? Camping stoves are a simple, convenient, and effective way to cook meals and heat water while you’re away from your kitchen at home. There’s a surprising amount you can cook using a camping stove, food that’s just as delicious as what you might cook normally. There are so many options from backcountry dining, from dehydrated backpacking recipes to five-star backcountry cuisine. (buy gas connector)

A camping stove is a wonderful solution for outdoor dining, no matter if you’re on a camping or fishing trip, on the road in an RV, or hosting an outdoor event. BBQ grills and delicious hot meals will make you the next top camp chef. The best camping stoves allow you to have a hot and nutritious meal even when you’re far from home.

Check out this gas refill adapter too!


  • The Nozzle Gas Bottle and Gas Tank Stove are not included here.

Package List:

  • 1 * Stove Connector.

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