Network Cable Tester For Sale, With Wire Cable, For Cat5 & Cat5e
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Network Cable Tester With Wire Cable, Gold-plated, For Cat5 & Cat5e

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Network cable tester for sale


  • Brand Name: Gonbes
  • Model Number: YOC
  • Package: Yes

Details: (network cable tester for sale)

  • RJ45 RJ-45 Connectors Modular Plug 1000 Plugs.
  • 8 Pins Network Cable Heads/ Plugs. (network cable tester for sale)
  • Plugs for UTP Cat5, Cat5e solid or stranded Cable or stranded wire solid.
  • Gold-plated leads for better data transmitting and higher signal strength.

Cable Crimper:

  • The mouth of this product is made of magnetic steel, which is hard and durable.
  • While using this product, just insert the modular plug into its position and press it.
  • Suitable for Cat5 and Cat5e cable with 8P8C plugs. (network cable tester for sale)
  • Wire stripper included.
  • Crimping pliers (color random).

Cable Tester:

  • Test RJ45 and RJ11 network cables.
  • Test correspondingly double-twisted cables 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and Ground.
  • Can judge wrong connection, open circuit, and short circuit.
  • Put cables into both main tester and remote tester. (network cable tester for sale)
  • The lights of the main tester will turn on sequently form 1 to G.
  • Detachable remote tester, test remote cable up to 1000ft. in length.
  • Power Supply: 1 x DC 9V Battery (Not included).

What is a cable tester?

A cable tester is a device that is used to test the strength and connectivity of a particular type of cable or other wire assemblies. There are different types of cable testers, each able to test a specific type of cable or wire (some may be able to test different types of wires or cables  ). A cable tester can test whether a cable or wire is set up properly, connected correctly, and the communication strength between the source and destination. (network cable tester for sale)

For computers, one of the most common types of cable testers used is for testing Cat 5, Cat 5e, and Cat6 network cables. Because so different types of data can be transmitted over a network cable, it is important that the network cable connects properly between the computer and server. Also, make sure the signal strength between computers is adequate for transmitting data and that there is no outside interference causing a decrease in signal strength or a loss of data. A cable tester can test for these factors and verify the network cables connections are correct and will work for the intended purpose.

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Package Included:

  • Cable Crimper;
  • Cable Tester; (network cable tester for sale)
  • Wire Stripper;
  • Instructions.

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