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Striped Curtains For House, Line, Tassel, Shiny, Colorful, 200×100 cm

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Striped curtains for sale


  • Brand Name: HOUSEEN
  • Model Number: Door Curtain
  • Type: Curtain
  • Material: Polyester Silk, Silver Silk
  • Pattern Type: Striped
  • Style: Stripe
  • Function: Perspective
  • Format: Rope
  • Location: Door (striped curtains for sale)
  • Technics: Knitted
  • Pattern: Yarn Dyed
  • Size (L x W): 200cm x 100 cm /78.74’inch x 39.37’inch
  • Weight: 220g (Approx)
  • Color: 16 Colors
  • Installation Type: Built-in
  • Processing Accessories Cost: Excluded
  • Opening and Closing Method: Left and Right Biparting Open
  • Applicable Window Type: Bay Window
  • Package Included: 1 x Door Curtain

Description: (striped curtains for sale)

Ready-made curtains have some excellent advantages. They may not be made to fit your windows exactly, but there are some other great things about them. Most ready-made curtains come in nine standard sizes. That makes it easy to find a pair that will match your curtain pole or track. You can find a pair of curtains you like right away and place the order within minutes. There’s no need to wait for them to be made or to have someone come and hang them especially for you. If you’re not sure whether to buy ready-made curtains or have them custom-made, check out these reasons to choose ready-made. (striped curtains for sale)

Save Money

One of the advantages of ready made curtains is affordability. Ready made curtains cost less than custom-made ones. They can be mass-produced, so they’re priced and ready for you to buy. You know exactly how much they’re going to cost you, without having to ask for a quote. It’s less expensive than ordering curtains to be made just for you. It’s also often cheaper than making your own curtains too. You can find a range of different price points to choose from so that you can easily stick to a budget. If you need to return your curtains, you should be able to do that too. It’s not always possible to get your money back on custom items. (striped curtains for sale)

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Save Time

Ordering ready made curtains can also save you a lot of time. If you’re an indecisive person, even choosing a fabric you like for custom curtains can take you a long time. Then you have to decide on a heading, how long you want them, and other details. If you choose ready made curtains, you can pick from a set list of choices. You’ll also be able to get your curtains much quicker. Ordering online allows the store to pick your items from their warehouse and pack them up. Or if you visit a store, you can walk home with them on the same day. There’s no need to wait for your curtains to be made. (striped curtains for sale)

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Polyester Silk, Silver Silk

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