Razor Buy Online, Folding Shaving,1set, Removal Tools, 10pcs Blades
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Men Straight Razor, Folding Shaving,1set, Removal Tools, 10pcs Blades


Razor buy online


  • Item Type: Razor
  • Model Number: 74-02
  • Gender: Male (razor buy online)
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Size: Full size


  • Condition:100% New.
  • Come with 10 PCs stainless blades.
  • Fold Razor Length:14cm.
  • Made of steel and environmental protection plastic.
  • Professional straight razor. (razor buy online)
  • Ideal for barbershops and hair salons use.
  • Please use with caution as the blades are extremely.

Description: (razor buy online)

There’s something about a straight razor blade, mixed with a dash of nostalgia, that adds to the allure of what is possibly the closest shave you’ll ever achieve. There’s a reason many professional barbers wield the straight razor as their weapon of choice.

The benefits of a straight-razor shave

  • More precise, controlled shave compared to traditional safety razors.
  • Reduced risk of ingrown hairs, nicks, and infection. (razor buy online)
  • Less money spent on supplies since you’re not buying expensive cartridges again and again.
  • More environmentally friendly for the same reasons its less expensive — fewer disposable items mean less pollution and resource consumption.

How to shave with a straight razor

  • Place the straight razor in your hand with this basic grip: index, middle, and ring finger on the top of the blade with the thumb in the center at the back and your pinky resting on the blade’s handle/tang. More importantly for whatever grip you choose, however, is dexterity and comfort. If this method doesn’t feel comfortable to you and leaves you feeling shaky, feel free to switch it up.
  • Begin shaving by starting with the right side of your face where your sideburns meet your hairline. Hold the razor at an angle almost parallel to your skin and with your opposite hand, pull the skin away from the blade and keep taut. (razor buy online)
  • Shave downward with the grain using small, smooth strokes. Rinse away excess hair after every stroke.
  • Continue in that manner for your right cheek, and then proceed down and over your jaw jawline to your neck.
  • Be extra careful when shaving your neck – the skin in that area is extremely thin and most prone to nicks and cuts.
  • Repeat the above steps with the left side of your face.
  • Once both sides of your face and finished, proceed to your upper lip and, using your opposite hand to pull the skin downward and as taut as possible, shave downward from the nose with small, quick strokes.
  • Next is the chin, so this time, pull your lower lip up as far as possible and again shave downward from the lip to your chin and down your neck.
  • Give yourself a rinse and a wipe down and follow up with aftershave and great moisturizer and you’re all set for the day.

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Package Content:

  • 1 x Shaving Razor+10 x Blades.

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Stainless steel

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