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Zip Lock Bags, Clear, Packaging Plastic Pouch, Self-adhesive, Small Size, 100pcs

  • 100 pieces -6cmx21cm100 pieces -6cmx21cm
  • 100 pieces -6cmx23cm100 pieces -6cmx23cm
  • 100 pieces -6cmx25cm100 pieces -6cmx25cm
  • 100 pieces -6cmx30cm100 pieces -6cmx30cm
  • 100 pieces -7cmx16cm100 pieces -7cmx16cm
  • 100 pieces -7cmx21cm100 pieces -7cmx21cm
  • 100 pieces -8cmx13cm100 pieces -8cmx13cm
  • 100 pieces -8cmx16cm100 pieces -8cmx16cm
  • 100 pieces -8cmx21cm100 pieces -8cmx21cm
  • 100 pieces -9cmx11cm100 pieces -9cmx11cm
  • 100 pieces -9cmx13cm100 pieces -9cmx13cm
  • 100 pieces -9cmx16cm100 pieces -9cmx16cm
  • 100 pieces -9cmx21cm100 pieces -9cmx21cm
  • 100 pieces-10cmx11cm100 pieces-10cmx11cm
  • 100 pieces-10cmx13cm100 pieces-10cmx13cm
  • 100 pieces-10cmx16cm100 pieces-10cmx16cm
  • 100 pieces-10cmx21cm100 pieces-10cmx21cm
  • 100 pieces-11cmx11cm100 pieces-11cmx11cm
  • 100 pieces-11cmx14cm100 pieces-11cmx14cm
  • 100 pieces-11cmx16cm100 pieces-11cmx16cm
  • 100 pieces-11cmx21cm100 pieces-11cmx21cm
  • 100 pieces-12cmx12cm100 pieces-12cmx12cm
  • 100 pieces-12cmx14cm100 pieces-12cmx14cm
  • 100 pieces-12cmx16cm100 pieces-12cmx16cm
  • 100 pieces-12cmx21cm100 pieces-12cmx21cm
  • 100 pieces-13cmx16cm100 pieces-13cmx16cm
  • 100 pieces-14cmx14cm100 pieces-14cmx14cm
  • 100 pieces-14cmx16cm100 pieces-14cmx16cm
  • 100 pieces-16cmx16cm100 pieces-16cmx16cm
  • 200 pieces - 4cmx9cm200 pieces - 4cmx9cm
  • 200 pieces - 5cmx5cm200 pieces - 5cmx5cm
  • 200 pieces - 5cmx7cm200 pieces - 5cmx7cm
  • 200 pieces - 5cmx9cm200 pieces - 5cmx9cm
  • 200 pieces - 6cmx6cm200 pieces - 6cmx6cm
  • 200 pieces - 6cmx9cm200 pieces - 6cmx9cm
  • 200 pieces - 7cmx7cm200 pieces - 7cmx7cm
  • 200 pieces - 7cmx9cm200 pieces - 7cmx9cm
  • 200 pieces - 8cmx9cm200 pieces - 8cmx9cm
  • 200 pieces -4cmx13cm200 pieces -4cmx13cm
  • 200 pieces -4cmx21cm200 pieces -4cmx21cm
  • 200 pieces -5cmx17cm200 pieces -5cmx17cm
  • 200 pieces -5cmx21cm200 pieces -5cmx21cm
  • 200 pieces -6cmx11cm200 pieces -6cmx11cm
  • 200 pieces -6cmx16cm200 pieces -6cmx16cm
  • 200 pieces -7cmx11cm200 pieces -7cmx11cm
  • 200 pieces -8cmx11cm200 pieces -8cmx11cm
  • 400 pieces - 4cmx4cm400 pieces - 4cmx4cm

Zip lock bags online


  • Brand Name: JGQUA
  • Model Number: Cellophane Bag
  • Number of Pcs: 100pcs
  • Plastic Type: BOPP
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Clear (zip lock bags online)
  • Sealing & Handle: Self Adhesive Seal
  • Overall Size: Width x Length Plus Flap
  • Useful Size: Width x Length
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly
  • Customized Conditions: 3000 Pieces
  • Thickness: 1 Mil \ 25 Micron \ 2.5 Wire \ 0.025 mm (one side)
  • Role: School Supplies Snack Candy Cookie Toy Gift Jewelry Packaging Display
  • Industrial Use: Packaging Bag for Snack Cookie, Candy, Jewelry, Gift, Toy, School Supplies
  • Condition: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged
  • Is_customized: Custom Logo Size Color

Description: (zip lock bags online)

Ziplock bags are one of the most dependable types of plastic bags. It has a secure locking top which can provide a good way of ensuring that the product within it is clean and free of damage. It can keep out contaminants such as moisture, dust, and dirt.

A lot of different businesses use ziplock bags in varied ways. You can use them in different businesses whether industrial, residential or commercial.

Companies typically use these seal top bags to organize or ship small products. These bags can protect microchips or other sensitive materials, preserve documents, and maintain a product’s freshness. You can place virtually anything in one of these bags for packaging and protection. (zip lock bags online)

A number of these bags are made of low-density polyethylene or LDPE plastic film but can also be custom-made based on the different requirements and specifications of the customer. The packaged contents are usually visible through the clear plastic film.

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These bags’ lip or zippers are always found on the width dimension. It measures the dimension according to the usable dimensions within the bag. It does not include the lip or zipper in the overall measurements. The zipper or lip can be sealed, opened, and resealed indefinitely. This is the reason these bags are so popular: it can maintain a product’s freshness.

Because of its convenience, no other plastic bag is more popularly used than the Ziplock bag. For organization, repackaging, or protection most business owners count on this versatile and affordable solution. (zip lock bags online)

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