Thermal Pad Cpu Buy, GPU, Silicone Pad, Cooling Conductive, 100 pcs
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Thermal Pad, GPU, CPU, Silicone Pad, Cooling Conductive, 100 pcs, 10mm*10mm*1mm

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Thermal pad CPU buy


  • Brand Name: Woopower
  • Model Number: Pads
  • Heatsink Material: Silicone
  • Type: Heatsink
  • Application: Processor
  • Compatible CPU: CPU
  • Lines: None (thermal pad CPU buy)
  • Color: Blue
  • Silicone pad Size: 10mm*10mm*1mm
  • Application: Processor
  • Flame retardancy: 94-V0
  • Temp: -40C~220C
  • Thermal Conductivity: 1.2W~2.0W
  • Hardness: 13C ~ 50C
  • Voltage Proof: >4KV
  • Package: No


  • New and high quality;
  • Good heat conduction; (thermal pad CPU buy)
  • 100pcs/pad.

Description: (thermal pad CPU buy)

best buy thermal pads

Electronic devices and systems continue to be designed to run at increasingly higher clock speeds while at the same time being reduced in size. As a result, Thermal Management becomes more important to the functionality of a product. To increase heat dissipation between a hot area and the cooling device such as a heat sink, THERMAWORX Thermal Interface Materials are used. These silicone-based materials work by displacing the air in uneven areas with highly conductive material yielding increased cooling. Thermal Interface Materials offer excellent thermal transfer properties across a wide gap range and are available in several formulations for use in a variety of thermal management scenarios. (thermal pad CPU buy)

The surface of a CPU or a heat sink is never entirely flat. If you place a heat sink directly on a CPU, there will be tiny, nearly invisible, gaps between the two. Since air conducts heat poorly, these gaps have a very negative effect on the heat transfer. So, an interface material with high thermal conductivity is needed to fill these gaps to improve heat conductivity between CPU and heat sink.

Thermal Pads:

best buy thermal pads

Thermal pads replicate the same effect as thermal paste, but by utilizing solid sheets of rubber, silicone, or paraffin wax to conduct heat away from the components. They are generally adhesive and stick to the CPU.

Like thermal paste, thermal pads also have a variety of names ranging from thermal interface pad to the thermally conductive pad. (thermal pad CPU buy)

The pads are cut to size in pre-formed shapes and sandwiched at the point of contact between the CPU or GPU and cooler. Their function is very similar to paste in that they fill in the imperfections on the metal surfaces at the point of junction, thus preventing air from getting trapped. As temperatures rise, the pads soften and stick to the surface inconsistencies.

Like thermal paste, thermal pads are a one-use product because the heat shapes the pads to the imperfections. If you ever remove the heat sink, the pads need replacing in the same way you would apply a fresh layer of thermal paste.

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