Laundry Bags For Sale, Zippered, Nylon, Mesh, 9 Sizes
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Laundry Bags, Zippered, Nylon, Mesh, Clothes Protection, 9 Sizes

  • 20x30 fine mesh20x30 fine mesh
  • 30x40 coarse mesh30x40 coarse mesh
  • 30x40 fine mesh30x40 fine mesh
  • 40x50 coarse mesh40x50 coarse mesh
  • 40x50 fine mesh40x50 fine mesh
  • 50x60 coarse mesh50x60 coarse mesh
  • 50x60 fine mesh50x60 fine mesh
  • 60x60 coarse mesh60x60 coarse mesh
  • 60x60 fine mesh60x60 fine mesh
  • chinachina
  • United StatesUnited States

Laundry bags for sale


  • Brand Name: LNRRABC
  • Model NumberLaundry Bags & Baskets
  • Material: Nylon
  • Style: Foldable (laundry bags for sale)
  • Use: Cleaning
  • Color: white
  • Laundry bags nylon: Laundry bags for washing machines
  • Style: Foldable


This laundry bag could protect delicate fabric, your clothes will not easily be deformed, the washing machine gap will not be blocked, and you will not lost any small socks. It is suitable for all automatic washing machines, semi-automatic washing machines, dehydrator machines, drying machines. (laundry bags for sale)

Description: (laundry bags for sale)

Mesh laundry bags work by providing a protective layer between the items contained within it and other items in the washer. Often used in sports and corrections, mesh bags keep laundry separated during the washing and drying cycle

The primary use of mesh laundry bags is to protect delicate fabrics in the wash. Placing items inside a mesh bag prevents them from getting damaged, especially if you have a mixed laundry load. (laundry bags for sale)

Another way to use them is to separate certain articles of clothing from the rest of the laundry. For example, sporting wear that contains Velcro straps could pull threads from delicate garments.

best delicates laundry bag

You can also use laundry bags to prevent items from getting misplaced in the washer. For example, keeping socks together or to prevent mixing articles with another person’s clothing. (laundry bags for sale)

Finally, mesh bags can be used to carry items that benefit from aeration–such as sporting equipment or gym clothes.

There are many types of closures available for mesh bags; some are better than others. The closures available on the laundry bags include zippers, rubber closures and net clips.

Types of laundry bags

  • The companies design the zipper closure for ease of use. Simply place the items inside and then zip shut the laundry bag.
  • Rubber closures keep the contents of the mesh bag secure while preventing damage to the dryer or washer. (laundry bags for sale)

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