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Silicone TV Remote Control Case, Anti-Dust, Waterproof, Storage Bag

  • AC C 16CMAC C 16CM
  • AC D 12CMAC D 12CM
  • AC M 13CMAC M 13CM
  • AC X 12CMAC X 12CM
  • APAP
  • MIMI
  • Rabbit Style LRabbit Style L
  • Rabbit Style SRabbit Style S
  • TV A 18CMTV A 18CM
  • TV E 20CMTV E 20CM
  • TV F 21CMTV F 21CM
  • TV H 15CMTV H 15CM
  • TV H1 14CMTV H1 14CM
  • TV I 14CMTV I 14CM
  • TV J 23CMTV J 23CM
  • AC C 16CM
  • AC D 12CM
  • AC M 13CM
  • AC X 12CM
  • AP
  • MI
  • Rabbit Style L
  • Rabbit Style S
  • TV A 18CM
  • TV E 20CM
  • TV F 21CM
  • TV H 15CM
  • TV H1 14CM
  • TV I 14CM
  • TV J 23CM

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  • Brand Name: SAFEBET
  • Type: TV Remote Control Cover
  • Model Number: 12
  • Material: Silicone 
  • Weight: 30g (buy remote control case)
  • Style: Pastoral
  • Is_customized: No


  • A:18.5 * 5 * 2CM
  • E:20.5*5.5*3CM
  • F:21 * 4.9 * 2CM
  • J:23 * 5.5 * 2CM (buy remote control case)
  • H:15*5.8*2CM
  • H1:14*5*2CM
  • I:14*4.5*2.5CM


  • D:12.4 * 4.5 * 2.2CM
  • C:16 * 5.5 * 2CM
  • M:13.5 * 5.5 * 2CM
  • X: 12 * 4 * 1.5 CM

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Description: (buy remote control case)

Sitting on your couch, recliner chair or on the floor and flipping through various television channels is not an uncommon practice in our society. The remote control allows you to stay in one place while doing so, which has its advantages and disadvantages. Always be aware of the convenience and inconvenience a television remote has to offer.


The major advantage of using a TV remote is the convenience it offers when watching television, especially if you like to flip around from one station to another. Without a remote, you would have to walk over to the television and manually switch the channel every time you wanted to see something new, which would be time-consuming if you had hundreds of channels to choose from. With a remote, you can easily switch from one station to another. For example, if you were watching your favorite show and it went to a commercial break, you could switch over to another show during that break without needing to stand up. So we need to protect the TV remote control with this silicone case. (buy remote control case)

The cover acts as a barrier from the external damage-causing factors like dust, liquid spills, shocks. Its traction to surface avoids unnecessary falls.

best remote controller case

Silicone material

The silicone material feels good on hand as it is soft and nice. It is flexible and can be a good fit on most remotes.

Bag Type Cover
Unlike rigid frame plastic covers, the cover type offers better comfort while holding. It is also resilient to scratches on its surface.

The cover prevents dust from entering into the remote. Can clean up the dust and dirt from the cover very easily through a soft cloth. (buy remote control case)

Easy to use
The cover can be attached or removed easily. It is washable as it is made of quality silicone material.

Pack of four
The dust controller cover has different sizes so you can use it for television, air condition remotes, etc.

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TV Remote Control Cover

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