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3D English Letters Wall Sticker, Acrylic, Mirror Stickers

  • AA
  • BB
  • CC
  • DD
  • EE
  • FF
  • GG
  • HH
  • heartheart
  • II
  • JJ
  • KK
  • LL
  • MM
  • NN
  • OO
  • PP
  • QQ
  • RR
  • SS
  • SignSign
  • TT
  • UU
  • VV
  • WW
  • XX
  • YY
  • ZZ

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  • Brand Name: lien
  • Model Number: MY527
  • Material: EVA foam with Acrylic mirror
  • Style: Modern
  • Classification: For the wall
  • Pattern: 3D sticker
  • Theme: Still life (buy wall decal letters)
  • Is_customized: Yes
  • The weight is approximate: 18g
  • Size: 10cm * 8cm * 0.7cm
  • Colors: Black, Silver, Gold
  • Package: Multi-piece package

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Description: (buy wall decal letters)

you might think your walls look kind of dull and empty. Perhaps you’re considering sprucing them up but you’re put off by the amount of work needed. When it comes to making your bare wall more interesting, the most common choices are repainting or hanging up some paintings. There is one more option that is often forgotten though. And thankfully, it is much less hassle and more affordable and It’s Wall Stickers. (buy wall decal letters)

Do you want to know how to apply the wall sticker?

What is the difference between the Wall Sticker and Wall Decal?

3d wall sticker buy online

Wall stickers are basically made of plastic-like material which is thick in nature and so they peel off very easily. So you can keep replacing wall stickers whenever you want. But, the disadvantage here is that after peeling wall stickers, they leave stain marks on the wall. And cleaning them is a task. Wall stickers reflect light as they are made up of high glossy material. This characteristic of the wall sticker will make you uncomfortable to see the wall sticker. (buy wall decal letters)

All these disadvantages are overcome by wall decal. Wall decals are made of specialized films that are thin in nature. We have to buy these films from outside. As wall decals are thin in nature it may look as if it’s hand-painted on the wall. Secondly, the kind of finish, texture and the kind of effect that you get from wall decal is unparalleled to wall sticker. So in comparison to wall sticker, wall decal looks much richer, livelier and much more integrated to your room decor.

Also over a period of time, the color of the wall sticker may fade, which doesn’t happen with a wall decal.
The biggest advantage of wall decals is that customization is possible, unlike a sticker. Wall stickers are readily available in the market but in standard sizes and colors. Whereas every wall decal can be customized as per wall size, wall color, wall shape, and specialized themes. (buy wall decal letters)

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Brand Name



EVA foam with Acrylic mirror


3D sticker


10cm * 8cm * 0.7cm

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