Night Stickers Online, Luminous Stars, Children's Bedroom, 100 pc/pack
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3D Night Wall Stickers, Luminous Stars, Children’s Bedroom, 100 pc/pack

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Night stickers online


  • Style: Modern
  • Product name: Fluorescent stars
  • Material:  plastic
  • Theme: Pattern
  • Pattern: 3D sticker (night stickers online)
  • Classification: For the wall
  • Specifications: Multi-piece package
  • Size: 3cm
  • Packing: 100 pieces

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Description: (night stickers online)

You might think your walls look kind of dull and empty. Perhaps you’re considering sprucing them up but you’re put off by the amount of work needed. When it comes to making your bare wall more interesting, the most common choices are repainting or hanging up some paintings. There is one more option that is often forgotten though. And thankfully, it is much less hassle and more affordable. (night stickers online)

What are wall decal stickers?

Wall decal, or wall sticker, is a vinyl sticker that is designed to stick on the wall or any other smooth surface like windows and tiles. It is mostly meant for decorating purposes. They may also be informational like the ones on a shop window or glass door. Great for offices and businesses, they are also good for retail walls or for your own home’s interior design. There are various types, shapes, and sizes of stickers. They can be tiny and simple, or they can be elaborate, big murals that cover up an entire wall. The standard ones are usually between 30 cm x 50 cm and 60 cm x 100 cm. (night stickers online)

3d wall sticker buy online

There are some that are reusable, but most of them are not. This means that you can adjust a couple of times, but only until adhesive wears out. Block cut vinyl comes in many different finishes from glitter to metallic, to mirror effect. Alternatively, conventional stickers are a lot more boring and are made of PVC plastic. With wall decal stickers, you can also print out a full-size image and cut around borders. There are fabric wall decals or even non-stretchable ones that don’t peel back on itself and tear off so you can reposition them, unlike PVC stickers. All in all, you’ll find a great variety of designs and types when it comes to wall decal stickers. (night stickers online)

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