Face Serum Buy Online, Hyaluronic Acid, Moisturizer, Anti-Aging
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Face Serum, Hyaluronic Acid, Moisturizer, Anti-Aging, Skin Brighten

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Face serum buy online


  • Brand Name: NoEnName_Null
  • Model Number: CRM-MB005
  • Item Type: Face Serum
  • Certificate Number: 20160761
  • Feature: Oil-control
  • Gender: Female
  • Formulation: Liquid
  • Certification: GZZZ (face serum buy online)
  • Ingredient: Hyaluronic acid
  • Functions: Moisturizing whiting, miracle glow, hydrating, shrink pores
  • Advantage: Emulsion skincare, sensitive skincare
  • Effect: Plant moisturizing serum, moisturizing
  • Suitable Age: Unlimited
  • Suitable for: For dry skin, skincare, oily skin, purify the skin.
  • Expiration Date: 24 months, skin-soothing, balances water an.

Method of use: (face serum buy online)

  • Clean your face;
  • Take the appropriated amount of the product and apply it onto the cleansed face;
  • Massage it gently and evenly onto the face from the middle to the two sides to help it absorb.

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  • Water, Hamamelis virginiana extract, Hyaluronic acid, propylene glycol, Hydroxyethyl urea, phenoxyethanol, betaine, sodium Hyaluronate, PEG-40, Hydrogenated castor oil, parfum. (face serum buy online)


To get the best results for gorgeous-looking skin, along with your cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, add a face serum to your daily skincare routine.
What are serums?
Loaded with nutrients, glycerin, ceramides, natural ingredients (cucumber, aloe Vera, etc.) and vitamins like C, K, E, skin serums are oil or water-based products, that have the ability to penetrate deep within the layers of your skin, so that you get phenomenal results. Unlike other skin products, these have a higher concentration of active ingredients and usually come in a creamy gel form. (face serum buy online)

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Applying it the right way

For best results, incorporate the serum in your daily routine. Use only a dime size of the product.
– After cleansing your face, use an alcohol-free toner and leave it damp on the skin before applying your serum. This way, the ingredients will penetrate deep within the skin. (face serum buy online)
– Wait for a few minutes until the serum is fully absorbed by the skin before applying a moisturizer.
– Keep your moisturizer in the fridge as when it is applied cold, it pushes blood away from the skin and in the process, creates a vacuum effect to pull the potent serum ingredients deeper within the skin.

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Package included:

  • 1Pcs* BEACUIR  Face serum.

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