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MP3 Music Player, Micro TF Card, Mini USB, Lithium Battery, Touch Tone


MP3 music player buy


  • Brand Name: YHYZJL
  • Model Number: hg
  • Body Material: Plastic
  • Style: MP3
  • Storage Type: Flash Memory
  • Battery Specification: Lithium Battery
  • Signal Noise Ratio: ≥89dB
  • Operation Mode: Touch Tone
  • Audio Format Support: MP3
  • Battery Life: < 10 hours
  • Screen: No (mp3 music player buy)
  • Bluetooth: No
  • Supports FM: No
  • Supports Recording Function: No
  • Balanced Out: No
  • Display Size: None
  • Have Speakers or not: No
  • External Memory: Yes
  • WI-FI: No
  • Supports E-Book Reading: No
  • Package: No

Description: (mp3 music player buy)

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An earlier form of music players needed moving various parts to read enclosed information on tapes or CD whereas MP3 music use memory called solid-state. MP3 music is more of a data storage devices with embedded software that enables users to move MP3 files to that player. MP3 players include some utilities like mp3 skull to convert and download music from websites like YouTube. They can then organize them and create a custom list of music in the way you wish to listen to them. Such a list of various selected music is known as a “playlist.”

Advantages introduced by MP3 music

Technological advancement for efficient performance
The MP3 music is the combination of different technologies and its components are not only revolutionary but also prove to be a great consumer product. If you wish to store music as well enable users to listen to the songs that are played and for this, the player first gets the songs from memory, then decompress this MP3 music encoding. You can use the run bytes that are decompressed via a digital to analog converter to amplify analog signals to allow the music to be heard. (mp3 music player buy)

Various components for faster data transfer

There are different components, but these could vary as essential components of typical MP3 music. This includes the memory, microprocessors and the data port, digital signal processor, playback controls, displays and audio port, amplifier and finally power supply.

The player is plugged into the port of your computer that is parallel to transfer data. Port-based players move data much faster than those using the parallel port. Memory types include internal memory, compacted flashcards, smart media card, memory stick, and internal microdrive.

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Solid-state memory (SSM)

Except for the last one, all the music mentioned above are SSM and the advantage of SSM is that they do not have moving parts that mean better reliability and music without any skips. Mp3 players also have minute hard disk drives that could keep 10-150times higher than devices of flash memory. (mp3 music player buy)

Incorporation of the microprocessor
This is the brain of any music and controls the user input via the playback controls and displays all the information about current songs on the panel of LCD and then sends commands to the chip that informs exactly how the audio is processed. It can pull the song information from memory and apply any special effects and streams to the amplifier. (mp3 music player buy)

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Storage Type

Flash Memory

Brand Name


Balanced Out


Battery Specification

Lithium Battery

Signal Noise Ratio


Operation Mode

Touch Tone



Body Material




Supports FM


Audio Format Support


Battery Life

< 10 hours

Supports Recording Function


Screen Size


Have Speakers or not


External Memory






Supports EBook Reading


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