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Portable Music Player, MP3, 24hours Battery Life, Voice Recorder, 2.0″

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  • M3K(black)
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Music player best buy


  • Brand Name: FiiO
  • Model Number: M3K
  • Body Material: Aluminum
  • Style: MP3
  • Battery Specification: Lithium Battery
  • Function: Voice Recorder
  • Display Size: 2.0 inches
  • Signal Noise Ratio: 117dB
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 90.8*44.2*12MM
  • DAC: AK4376A
  • DSP: Ingenic X1000E
  • Battery Life: > 20 hours
  • Operation Mode: Touch Screen + Touch Tone
  • WI-FI: No (music player best buy)
  • Bluetooth: No
  • Have Speakers or not: No
  • Supports EBook Reading: No
  • Storage Type: Flash Memory
  • Supports Recording Function: Yes
  • Audio Format Support: APE, FLAC, ALAC, OGG, WMA, MP3, WAV, AIFF, DSD
  • Supports FM: No
  • Package: Yes
  • Balanced Out: Yes
  • External Memory: Yes
  • Note: This product does not support the balanced output.

Details: (music player best buy)

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Powerful X1000E processor.
Different from the typical music player in its price range, the M3K is powered by the Ingenic X1000E processor which provides high performance but with low power consumption. This ensures with the M3K you get a smooth, yet long-lasting experience without breaking the bank.
FiiO M3K, True high-fidelity audio, vs Some other MP3s.
This product uses the AKM AK4376A, a proven and well-received DAC that is capable of decoding up to 384kHz/32-bit audio with a remarkably low noise floor, allowing you to hear the music as if you were at the recording session itself. (music player best buy)
One-button lock screen design to prevent accidental touches.
The new clock functionality of the M3K allows you to rest easy when listening to your music by letting you keep track of time at a glance. The lock screen has an intuitive, yet effective design to make sure functions aren’t accidentally activated – when in the lock screen, simply press the power button once or slide up the center touchpad to unlock.
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Body and IPS screen you’ll want to touch and look at.
A bright and attractive 2.0-inch IPS screen adorns the front of the M3K, instantly grabbing anyone’s attention. This is complemented by the M3K’s handsome body, which continues the design language of the X1II critically acclaimed for its looks and ergonomics. (music player best buy)

Refined and seamless aluminum body design.

This product is the first portable music player at its price point to feature a seamless, all-aluminum unibody construction with tempered glass. Those features not only give the M3K both simple and elegant design, but it also makes it near indestructible. Combined with the M3K’s mini frame that is designed to make it easy to operate with one hand, and you have a beautiful machine that truly considers the needs of its users.
Shiny new capacitive touch buttons.
The M3K adopts a set of capacitive buttons + touchpad for operation, a substantial upgrade over last generation’s simpler physical buttons. There are five sets of touch buttons to make getting around the UI easy: next/previous track, back, confirmation, and menu keys. The touch buttons are also backlit to greatly enhance usability in dark areas and make the M3K much easier to use when the screen is off – you get both more convenient operation while enjoying huge power savings from the turned-off screen. (music player best buy)
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Thoroughly modern, cool UI.
Behind the M3K’s user interface is FiiO’s unique design language – a thoroughly modern and stylish yet functional and intuitive UI that makes getting to your music a joy, not a chore.
Rapid file transfers through OTG.
This product supports file transfers with USB OTG-compatible devices if connected by a USB OTG cable. You can quickly download and transfer kinds of music and other files easily and as quickly as through being hooked up to a computer.
(Note: Currently its only support some Android phones, but doesn’t support iPhone.)
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Audio Format Support


Battery Specification

Lithium Battery


Voice Recorder



Body Material


Have Speakers or not




Supports EBook Reading




Storage Type

Flash Memory

Supports Recording Function


Battery Life

> 20 hours

Operation Mode

Touch Screen + Touch Tone

Brand Name


Supports FM




Screen Size

2.0 inches

Signal Noise Ratio


Balanced Out


External Memory


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