Mini Microphone For Sale, Portable, 3.5mm, 40-16500Hz, 4 Colors
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Mini Microphone For Cell Phone, Portable, 3.5mm, 40-16500Hz, 4 Colors

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  • roserose
  • Rose GoldRose Gold
  • SilverSilver
  • Sky BlueSky Blue

Mini microphone for sale


  • Brand Name: A AUSUKY
  • Model Number: B060259
  • Set Type: Single Microphone
  • Material: Plastic+Alloy
  • Style: Handheld Microphone
  • Frequency Response: 40-16500Hz
  • Sensitivity Reduction: -36dB/Pa±3d
  • Directivity: 360° Omni bearing recording
  • Use: Karaoke Microphone (mini microphone for sale)
  • Transducer: Condenser Microphone
  • Communication: Wired
  • Polar Patterns: Cardioid
  • Color: Rose/Rose Gold /Sky Blue/Silver
  • Size: Microphone 5.5*1.5cm, string length 130cm(approximately)
  • Package: Yes

Features: (mini microphone for sale)

  • 3.5 double track plug;
  • Ordinary MP3/4 computer earphone interface;
  • Suitable for any computer models 360 °;
  • Noise resistance; (mini microphone for sale)
  • High condenser microphones core can be used for computer and cell phone recording equipment;
  • Lightweight, small, microphone terminal insert directly and don’t need an external battery.
  • Left and right channel stereo recording;
  • You can use for stereo recording on laptops and cell phone.

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Various types of microphones exist for many different purposes, and each has its particular advantages and disadvantages depending on its intended use and the user’s needs and peculiarities. Microphones absorb sound waves and convert them into electrical impulses, each of which has a distinctive pattern according to the sound absorbed. These electrical impulses are then amplified and outputted through speakers. (mini microphone for sale)

Voice Command

Speech recognition or voice command microphones are a valuable tool for the disabled. Each of the many types of mic available for this purpose has its own pros and cons. For example, using a headset microphone means the distance between the microphone and mouth remains constant, but the cables also restrict the user’s movement. USB microphones enable the use of a microphone without the need for a sound card, but they require USB ports. The handheld microphone includes performance-related buttons that allow the user to alter their settings easily, but they also occupy the user’s hands. (mini microphone for sale)

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Microphone with mobile phones, many people use microphones that sit on the lapel or come fitted to a headset. The best advantage lies in the freedom of movement for the hands and the ability to avoid the cramping effect of holding a phone’s inbuilt microphone up to the mouth. This freedom of movement also allows more spatial awareness of happenings in the vicinity, such as traffic, while allowing the user to perform other useful tasks while talking, such as cooking

Package includes:

  • Mini Microphone.

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Brand Name



Handheld Microphone


Karaoke Microphone


Condenser Microphone

Set Type

Single Microphone





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