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Stick Tripod, Bobber Floating Handheld For GoPro/ Xiaomi YI/ SONY, 150mm

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  • Brand Name: SnowHu
  • Material: ABS
  • Model Number: GP81
  • Type: Skeletons & Frames
  • Bundle: Bundle 1 (buy selfie stick tripod)
  • Dimensions: 150mm
  • Compatible Action Camera Brand: SONY, EKEN, GoPro, Sjcam, NIKON, Garmin, SOOCOO,  Xiaomi YI
  • Weight: 50g

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Description: (buy selfie stick tripod)

Although the selfie stick has only recently jumped on the scene, already most people can say that they’ve seen someone using one somewhere. As they are fairly new though, you may not know exactly what they’re used for. Using a selfies stick is that it gives you a better angle; hence, the photos come out better than using your hands would have. (buy selfie stick tripod)


Fitting more people

We’ll start with the obvious one, taking group selfies. Before the invention of the selfie stick, people took group selfies the only way they could, by stretching their arm out as far as humanly possible. This usually resulted in an awkward looking picture with everybody squeezing in uncomfortably close to each other. If you were 8 feet tall it never really worked that well. When you use selfie stick you can comfortably fit as many people as you’d like while at the same time save yourself from having to dislocate your shoulder just to fit everyone in. (buy selfie stick tripod)

best selfie stick tripod


We all get picture happy when we travel. Whether it’s a cool looking statue or funny sign on the street, we’ll take a picture of just about anything. So for a lot of us, we can’t help but take a selfie in front of it. But just like a group shot, a lot of the time you can’t fit the whole background in. With a selfie stick, you can! Sure some people may give you a strange look but who are they kidding, it’s just a matter of time before they get one of their own. Don’t worry about having to lug it around with you either because you can easily retract it down to the size of a pencil and throw it in your bag. (buy selfie stick tripod)

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No more asking strangers

Another great perk of using a selfie stick is no more having to seek out a random stranger to take a picture for you. That means no more searching for someone who looks like they won’t steal your phone, no more standing there awkwardly waiting for them to figure out how to use it, and no more of those oblivious pedestrians walking right through the shot. I think we can all do without that.

Awesome angles & perspectives

Selfie stick on a tower Tired of taking the same old selfie? You’re not alone. Everyone else is tired of seeing the same old selfie too. With the selfie stick, you can finally change it up, keeping you and your Instagram followers intrigued. (buy selfie stick tripod)

Compatible Action Camera Brand

SONY, EKEN, GoPro, Sjcam, NIKON, Garmin, SOOCOO, Other


Skeletons & Frames




Bundle 1

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