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    Mini Camera With WIFI, Night Vision, 1080P, FULL HD, Waterproof

    • Black SQ11Black SQ11
    • Black SQ12Black SQ12
    • Black SQ13Black SQ13
    • Black SQ23Black SQ23
    • Blue SQ11Blue SQ11
    • Blue SQ23Blue SQ23
    • Red SQ11Red SQ11
    • Red SQ13Red SQ13
    • Red SQ23Red SQ23
    • Silver SQ13Silver SQ13
    • add 16gb TF Cardadd 16gb TF Card
    • add 32gb TF Cardadd 32gb TF Card
    • add 8GB TF cardadd 8GB TF card
    • standardstandard

    Mini camera buy online


    • Brand Name: electop
    • Model Number: SQ11/ SQ12/ SQ13/ SQ23
    • Type: Mini
    • Memory Card Type: MicroSD / TF
    • Sensor Technology: CMOS
    • High Definition Support: 1080P (Full-HD)
    • Built-in Memory Size: None (mini camera buy online)
    • Feature: Mini Camcorder Night Vision
    • Package: Yes

    Description: (mini camera buy online)

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    Companies usually, design a spy camera to be small and inconspicuous. Small spy cameras are hard to locate and thus, can capture noticeable footage without attracting any attention towards itself, which is a big plus when you need your work to be done quietly and unnoticeable.

    Also, you can use spy cameras for surveillance and security, prevent the chances of it being stolen by someone since the small design allows it to be concealed easily. (mini camera buy online)

    Normally you can set spying cameras to keep a watch on your property. You can use it in your home, to keep an eye on your kids, pets and even on elderly people. Even you can use it as a nanny camera, to watch over a caretaker, or a babysitter, so that you can assure your child’s safety.

    Or maybe you want to assure that your workplace is safe and sound when you’re not around, spy cameras are a helping hand to your security. For every kind of secret footage, that you might need as proof or evidence for any ongoing criminal activity, buy a small spy camera.

    best buy camera for sale

    Some benefits for making use of the small-sized spy cameras

    The most common use of the small cameras for spying can be seen in the commercial buildings where they are used to serving the purpose of securing the business and enhancing safety. These cameras can be seen anywhere in hotels, banks, offices, airports, malls, etc. (mini camera buy online)

    You can also use these cameras in the schools and nursing homes so that it could facilitate the people more with their service.

    They are also installing in the offices where the supervising authority keeps a check on the lower staff to know what they are up to. This keeps the staff motivated to work and gives the authorities the satisfaction of getting full-time work.

    In the residential buildings, people make use of these cameras to enhance the security of the house and to minimize the threat pertaining to theft, robbery or burglary. In case some burglary has happened in some residential area, the cameras recorded videos serve as the proof for investigation. (mini camera buy online)

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    • You can use 8GB speed card  7.2GB, write about 6MB/S.
      16GB high-speed card available 14.4GB, write around 12MB/S.
      32GB high-speed card available 28.9GB, write around 12MB/S. (mini camera buy online)
    • C4 speed memory card ordinary card, use: mobile phone, Bluetooth speaker, card speaker, ordinary speed navigator, tablet computer.(can use for SQ11,SQ12,SQ13,SQ23…camera too)
      C10 speed memory card is a high-speed card, use: driving recorder, high-end navigation, camera, wireless monitoring, tablet, notebook, etc.
    • The 8GB is Class4 Speed Card, the 16GB and 32GB are Class10 High-Speed Card.

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    Read this article about home security camera.

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    Sensor Technology


    High Definition Support

    1080P (Full-HD)

    Built-in Memory Size




    Brand Name


    Memory Card Type

    MicroSD / TF

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