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Silicone Spiral Cable Protector Data Line, Winder Protective For Phone, USB Charging

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Cable protector for sale


  • Brand Name: Trig Rain
  • Model Number: spiral cable protector
  • Material: Silicone
  • Shape: spiral cable winder (cable protector for sale)
  • Size: Data cable protective case 3.5 cm*1cm
  • Color: Gray, Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black
  • Cable protective case material: Environmental silicone material
  • Spiral cable function: Prevent breakage
  • Weight: 2 g
  • PackageYes

Product manual:

  • Spiral cable protector made of high-quality silicone material, environmental protection with no toxic effects, pure color.
  • Spiral cable protector elastic, the texture is supple, not easily broken. (cable protector for sale)

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Description: (cable protector for sale)

Ever notice that your chargers tend to break in roughly the same area each time? That’s due to the design. In an effort to make cables easier to carry around and maintain that sleek appearance that we all love; most chargers are inherently flawed: there’s no strain relief where the cable meets the plug.
That means every time you pull the cable to unplug your phone, stuff that charger into your pocket on your way to class, or roll it up and throw it in a bag on your way to work, you are putting an unbearable strain on the meeting point of the plug and cable, causing it to fray (and causing you a lot of rage). (cable protector for sale)

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How to protect your data cables?

Avoid excessive bending of cables, or wrapping them up too tightly. Bending the cable, particularly at the point where the cable joins the plug, is the leading cause of damage over time. If you can avoid using your device while charging it, you will avoid unnecessarily wear the cable.

Cable protectors work by protecting the point at which the cable joins the plastic or metal plug. They should be made of a flexible material like rubber, to allow the cable to flex slightly when pressure is applied. If the cable protector does not flex, it merely moves the point of weakness further up the cable. (cable protector for sale)

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Brand Name

Trig Rain

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