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Cable Organizer Wire Winder Clip, HDMI Protector Cable For iPhone/ Samsung/ USB Cable


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  • Brand Name: UGREEN
  • Model name: Cable organizer
  • Model Number: LP124
  • Material: Nylon (buy cable organizer)
  • Size: 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m
  • Shape: Cable Winder
  • Functions: Cable protector, wire holder, mouse bungee, cable holder, cable management,
  • Package: Yes

Features: (buy cable organizer)

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  • Clean up the clutter and make those loose cables look neat and tidy.
  • Strong adsorption nylon: Made from fabric material with attachments.
  • Much easier to work with than standard zip ties, and they give you the added benefit of being reusable.
  • Cut the lengths that you need. Whether you are doing a 1/2″ or 10″ bundle of cables you can cut the length you need for the job.
  • Reduce cable damage and labor and time cost: Ideal for home theaters, TV entertainment systems, and computer stations.
  • Manage the intricate cables and wires, make it systematically around your socket. (buy cable organizer)

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Superior and durable

  • Cable Tie is made of superior material which is acid-proof and alkali-resisting, with good insulative and endurance, more durable.
  • On one side are soft fibers, on the other side are harsh hooks, fastening strongly, easy to use.
  • DIY and tailor the appropriate length you need, convenient and efficient. (buy cable organizer)

best buy cable organizer

Good assistant for home or office:
Arrange all kinds of cables such as data cable, power cord, mouse cable, keyboard cable, etc. No more upset for messed cables, beautifying your desktop.

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Since the advent of electricity, the number of appliances has increased considerably. Every day is welcomed with new equipment and along with it comes the new set of wires which compete for a place with the existing ones. Filling sockets and battling among themselves, cables consume most of our time and energy daily. To avoid tangled wires and to seek more protection against malfunctioning cables, one should resort to cable management. (buy cable organizer)

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Cable management is more important and necessary than you think. A dangling wire is of more risk to your life and property than a wire which is securely taped to your wall. Moreover, cable management allows proper distribution of energy and eliminates potential hazards. So you can buy this product to sort wires.

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