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Power Bank With LED, External Battery, Portable, Single USB, 10000mAh

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  • BDW
  • BDW 1 cable 100cm
  • BDW 1 cable 150cm
  • BDW 1 cable 300cm
  • BDW 1A USB EU Plug
  • BDW 2-in-1 cable blu
  • BDW USB 150cm cable
  • BDW USB 80cm cable
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Best power bank sale


  • Brand Name: PISEN
  • Model number: TS-188/TS-182
  • Compatible Model: Compatible with most models
  • Type: Emergency / Portable
  • Output Interface: 5V/2A
  • Battery Type: 18650 Lithium Battery
  • Battery Capacity: 10001-15000mAh
  • Quality Certification: CE, CCC
  • Input Interface: USB (best power bank sale)
  • Output Interface: Single USB
  • Support Quick Charge Technology: No
  • Size: 139x64x23mm
  • Color: White
  • Weight: 270g
  • Supports Solar Energy: No
  • Is LED Lamp Illumination: No

Details: (best power bank sale)

best buy power bank

The compact high-capacity portable charger. 10000mAh power bank, more stable is more easy to take.

It fits easily into pocket or bag, making it the perfect charger on the sofa, on a plane or anywhere else your phone needs boots.

Smart IC high-speed-charging technologies. Pisen’s safety system ensures complete protection for you and your devices. (best power bank sale)

Superior shell:

Apply PC- environmentally friendly material which has good performance of fingerprint proofing, shock proofing, fireproofing.

Fast and stable charging:

Built-in smart IC automatically recognize the devices and deliver the desired current up to 2A.

best buy power bank sale

Feels better in hand, Perfect for on-the-go

The same size as iPhone 7 perfect ergonomic design- Circular arc edge.

Free standard cable:

Compatibility: Supports smartphones with android system and WP phones.

Fast charging: Ticker copper wire provides more speedy and stable charging. (best power bank sale)

Durability: Premium TPE material extends the usage cycle with soft and smooth shells.

Cable parameters:

Due to cables are from different batches, a slight variance will be found in the actual length.

Notice: The standard cable is designed to charge electronic devices without data transmission.

Read this article about USB Type standards you need to learn.

best power bank

Some tips for you to maintain power bank:

First–Use power bank regularly: Do not leave it unused for a long period. If the power bank for long periods of time to be used, from time to time perform a single charge and discharge to maintain their normal performance. The best time to discharge and charge per month of power bank, so you can ensure that the internal batteries to maintain the best condition, and effectively extend its service life.  (best power bank sale)

Then–Use power bank suitably: Do not try to use until fully charged and not over-depletion of the battery. It is advocated that do not interrupt charging when the charge has not been completed, as this also sacrificed its life. Do not over-depletion of the battery, do not use to completely discharge, then it will cause some irreversible loss.

Lastly–Use in the right temperature and humidity: We may all have this experience when you open your TV in wet days, the screen is a little blurry and the colors will be distorted, and which is exactly the impact of humidity for appliances. Mobile power is no exception. As electronic products, careless water or prolonged exposure to moist air will cause varying degrees of corrosion or oxidation of its internal electronic components. Therefore, the power bank must be stored in a dry, cool place.

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Emergency / Portable



Battery Type

18650 Lithium Battery

Support Quick Charge Technology


Quality Certification


Output Interface

Single USB

Battery Capacity(mAh)




Supports Solar Energy


Brand Name


Input Interface


Is LED Lamp Illumination




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