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Mini Power Bank, Dual USB,10000mAh, External Battery, Fast Charger

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  • Black 10000mAhBlack 10000mAh
  • LED Black 10000mAhLED Black 10000mAh
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  • White 10000mAhWhite 10000mAh
  • Black 10000mAh
  • LED Black 10000mAh
  • LED White 10000mAh
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Mini power bank online


  • Brand Name: PZOZ
  • Compatible Cellphone: For iPhone, Xiaomi mi redmi MIX, Huawei, Samsung
  • Type: Emergency / Portable
  • Battery Capacity: 9001-10000mAh
  • Battery Type: Li-polymer Battery
  • Lithium battery energy: 37W
  • Output Interface: Double USB
  • Input: DC 5V2A (mini power bank online)
  • Input Interface: Micro USB
  • Output Interface: 5V/2.1A (Max), DC 5V1A
  • Quality Certification: CE, RoHS, FCC
  • Rated capacity: 5800mAh
  • Weight: 350g
  • Supports Solar Energy: No
  • Is LED Lamp Illumination: No
  • Support Quick Charge Technology: No
  • Size: 140*105*38mm
  • Color: Black, White
  • Features: Unique mini, Fast portable charger, Portable battery, Portable phone charger, USB power bank, external battery charger

Description: (mini power bank online)

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What is a power bank?

The power bank also called “mobile battery”, “spare battery”, “external battery”, “digital charging companion”, and “charging stick”. It also has a very personal name: “mobile phone lover”. The power bank concept has been developed along with the rapid growth and popularization of digital products, and its definition is a portable power supply that is easy to carry with large capacity.

In the light of the growing diversity of digital products features, more frequent usage, as well as closer and closer work association with your daily life, the problems how to increase the use time of digital products and electronic products, how to facilitate human living, how to add power supply, and how to play its full role have no time to delay. A power bank is the best solution designed to address these problems. Carrying a mobile power can achieve outside charging for a variety of digital products anytime, anywhere. (mini power bank online)

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Power bank’s quality depends largely on the quality of both batteries and protection board. High-quality battery cells are the basis of mobile power life. The normal lithium polymer batteries have a longer life expectancy than 18,650 cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, and their security risk is relatively low. The former one normally can be used for two or three years. (mini power bank online)

The power bank circuit board can be treated as a control system, which is mainly responsible for power distribution and transformation. It converts the voltage provided by lithium batteries into the standard voltage to provide electricity for the charging device. Good protection board has a conversion rate of up to 90%, while a general one has 80 ~ 85% and a bad one has only 70%. It the conversion rate is less than 80%, it means that the power bank suffers large line loss, and the battery cell itself suffers large calorific value.

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Emergency / Portable

Output Interface

Double USB

Brand Name


Quality Certification


Support Quick Charge Technology


Battery Capacity(mAh)


Battery Type

Li-polymer Battery



Supports Solar Energy




Input Interface

Micro USB

Is LED Lamp Illumination




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