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    Fashion Pearl Star Insect Earrings, Women Cute Statement Drop Earrings, Wedding Earring

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    Pearl insect earrings


    • Type of earrings: Drog Earrings
    • Metals Type: Zinc Alloy
    • Shape \ pattern: Insect
    • Style: Trendy
    • Color: Multicolor Earrings
    • Gender: Women
    • Size: 6 / 2cm
    • The weight: 5g
    • Material: Resin, Acrylic, Cultured Pearl, Zinc Alloy
    • Fine or fashionable: Fashion

    Description: (Pearl insect earrings)

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    The best diamond stud cuts and settings

    Classic diamond cuts like princesses and round solitaire studs are the styles you usually encounter. Since these styles are so popular, finding this place is the best place to buy diamond stud earrings.

    However, you can find diamond studs in all the popular forms of diamonds, though these are less commonly used as cuts for stud earrings. Square and circular cuts are symmetrical from any position and match the jeweler to two identical stones. (pearl insect earrings)

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    On the other hand, cuts such as heart, oval, pear, or mosquito settings are only worn in one position, making you wonder if the earring has become a non-rotating position. It is also difficult for jewelers to have identical cut stones because they are less demanding and more difficult to cut. (pearl insect earrings)

    When choosing the settings for your diamond studs, you must consider the safety of the stone, the look of the diamond and of course your personal taste. The settings are part of the diamond studs. (pearl insect earrings)

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    Here are two popular settings for diamond studs:

    Prong settings

    Prong settings contain about 3 to 4 claws that hold the diamond in place. While the bump settings make the diamond look bigger because no metal is blocking the stone, the stone is also subject to collapse or damage. (pearl insect earrings)

    Bezel settings

    The opposite of a bump setting is a bezel environment that surrounds a metal band completely or partially and holds the diamond safely in place. If security is a priority, bezel settings are ideal for you.

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    Shape \ pattern



    6 / 2cm


    Resin, Acrylic, Cultured Pearl, Zinc Alloy

    The weight


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