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YIHUA 992DA+ BGA Soldering Station Repair Board Rework Station

  • 110V110V
  • 220V220V

YIHUA 992DA+ BGA Soldering Station Repair Board Rework Station

YIHUA 992 DA+ BGA Soldering Station Repair Board Rework Station Soldering With Hot Air gun Soldering Iron Smoke Vacuum 110 V/220 V   Vacuum pen SMD RE work station


1. A large – screen LCD display, function indicates at a glance and nice.

2. It adopts more powerful , more stable performance of the Samsung CPU.
3. Only four buttons , operate simply and clearly.
4. Dynamic wind speed display.
5. It adopts PID precision temperature control algorithm, the temperature fluctuation range of ≤ ± 1 °C.
6. -50 °C to +50 °C temperature compensation function
7. 0 – 99 minutes sleep time setting function
8. Fahrenheit – Celsius temperature conversion functions.

9. Manual – automatic mode switching function
10. Soldering iron has suction smoke function, we’d never have to worry about the smoke generated by the soldering iron.
12. High temperature automatic protection and alarm functions
13. The air gun has automatic detection , protection, alarm function , and more comprehensive protection for product safety and reliability.
14, The air gun steel tube use stainless steel tube , the air gun handle lines and soldering iron handle lines are silicone wire , high temperature , you can use for a long time.
15. All functions data setting is automatically saved , without duplication.
16. The new memory automatically identify and restore to factory data.
17. 3 in 1 repairing station the combines Hot Air Rework Gun with a Soldering Iron and a Smoke absorber

18. Additional function

a).Add to three storage sections CH 1/ CH 2/ CH 3 , each storage segment can store
automatic mode , iron sleep time , temperature correction …… which is currently on
display all function values can be stored) , you can quickly switch between each storage segment.

b).Airflow adjustment knob add to cool/ hot air function , through the knob at entry /
press out the implementation.

Cool air is not heated wind , can be used to cool
components (circuit boards, components, etc.) temperatures.

Technical Data
Power consumption 720 W
Soldering Iron Temperature range 100-480°C
Temperature range 100-480°C
heater material Nickel-alloys
heater resistance 90Ω
Soldering Iron Type Blue Handle
Soldering Iron Heater material imported high-power heater
Gun type Diaphragm pump Air flow 28 L/min
Goods G.W. 5.16KG/PCS

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Product Parameters Panel Dispaly

Humanization Functions

1.CH 1/CH 2/CH 3 three storage sections function

Each storage segment can storeall the features of the current machine (eg: airflow, temperature,air gun manual/automatic mode, iron

sleep time, temperature correction …… which is currently on display all function values can be stored), you can quickly switch between each storage segment.

2.Air gun manual/automatic function

Automatic mode: pick up the hot air gun and the temperature raise into the working state.

Putting down the air gun,the temperature cools down and the gun enter into dormant standby mode.




Manual mode:the hot air gun has kept working.

The manual function of the air gun is suitable for the working condition of the frequent use of the gun.

It can save the time if heating and cooling


3.Temperature calibration function

via this function to make the machine return to normal temperature.

4.Fahrenheit / Celsius temperature conversion functions

Humanized temperature selection mode, it can be choose according to your habit.

Seiko fine material & high quality

A.Smoking function

The soldering iron is sucked through smoke,dust absorption,filtration.

This function to achieve the effect of air purification,and bring user to a health,protection environment. b.Vacuum suction pen

B.Vacuum suction pen

Unplug the iron smoke absorb tube,plug in the suction pen,choose the suitable sucker with the IC,

open the switch of the hot air gun and vacuum,the hot air gun starts to work,then you can use the suction pen.

C.Skeleton winding heating element

Nickel chromium heating wire, skeleton winding,higher heat generating efficiency, more stable and stronger shock anti-strike capability , longer use life.

D.High power iron heating element

1.Double panel circuit board

Both sides have copper connected joint,welding,seldom appreas false welding.It’s not easy to be damaged,higher stability ability.

2.Reliable anti-static grounding design to eliminate the hidden safety problems.

3.Insulating silicone sleeve to protect the connecting wire from contacting the metal parts of the iron to make iron more secure.

E.High temperature silicone cord

1.Super high temperature resistance

2.Flexible, to operate feel good

3.Working in ultra- low temperature working environment





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