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Tempered Screen Protector Glass Film, For Samsung Galaxy J3/J5/J7/A3/A5/A7/A6/A8 Plus

  • For Galaxy A3For Galaxy A3
  • For Galaxy A5For Galaxy A5
  • For Galaxy A6For Galaxy A6
  • For Galaxy A6 PlusFor Galaxy A6 Plus
  • For Galaxy A7For Galaxy A7
  • For Galaxy A8For Galaxy A8
  • For Galaxy A8 PlusFor Galaxy A8 Plus
  • For Galaxy J3For Galaxy J3
  • For Galaxy J5For Galaxy J5
  • For Galaxy J7For Galaxy J7
  • For Galaxy A3
  • For Galaxy A5
  • For Galaxy A6
  • For Galaxy A6 Plus
  • For Galaxy A7
  • For Galaxy A8
  • For Galaxy A8 Plus
  • For Galaxy J3
  • For Galaxy J5
  • For Galaxy J7
  • 20152015
  • 20162016
  • 20172017
  • 20182018
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018

Best screen protector glass


  • Type: Front Film
  • Features: Easy to Install, Anti-Microbial, Ultra-thin, Scratch Proof
  • Use: Mobile Phone
  • Edge-to-edge Coverage: No
  • Package: No
  • With Retail Package: No
  • Compatible Samsung Model: Galaxy J5, Galaxy A8, Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5, Galaxy A7, Galaxy J7
  • Compatible Phone Brand: Samsung
  • Edge-to-edge Coverage: No

Description: (best screen protector glass)

Do you use a screen protector?

Gorilla Glass is a tough layer to protect the screen of your smartphone already. For some people, that’s more than enough safety. A protector is never as comfortable as using the naked screen of your phone, and it doesn’t always sit flush with the body either. Aesthetically, it’s a problem. (best screen protector glass)

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The reality of screen protectors

Remember, protectors, sit on top of the screen, even if it’s an edge-to-edge protector. They don’t surround the whole phone as a case does. So if your phone falls into a corner, the screen and the protector will both crack from there.

The four corners of your phone are the most vulnerable parts of your device. Just because the screen protector isn’t going to hurt by that fall doesn’t mean the actual screen won’t. The actual screen is held together by your phone’s body. When that takes an impact so does the screen. (best screen protector glass)

screen protector helps protects against everyday scratches and face-down falls. A tempered glass protector will crack before your actual screen cracks — if the face hits the ground first. More importantly, that $5 piece of glass will keep the screen safe from the keys in your pocket or other such accidental scratches.

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