7D Screen Protector, Aluminum Alloy Full-Screen Protector For iPhone
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7D Aluminum Alloy Tempered Glass, Full-Screen Protective On The For iPhone X 8 5 SE 5S 6 6S 7 Plus

  • for iphone 5 5sfor iphone 5 5s
  • For iphone 6 6sFor iphone 6 6s
  • For iPhone 6 PlusFor iPhone 6 Plus
  • For iphone 7For iphone 7
  • For iphone 7 PlusFor iphone 7 Plus
  • For iphone 8For iphone 8
  • For iphone 8 PlusFor iphone 8 Plus
  • for iphone SEfor iphone SE
  • For iPhone XFor iPhone X
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7D screen protector


  • Type: Front Film
  • Use: Mobile Phone
  • Compatible iPhone Model:iPhone 6 Plus/ 7/ 8/ 7 Plus/ 6/ 5s/ X/ 5/ 6s Plus/ 6s/ SE/ 8 Plus
  • Package: No
  • With Retail Package: No
  • Features: Easy to Install, Scratch Proof, Ultra-thin
  • Edge-to-edge Coverage: Yes

Description: (7d screen protector)

glass screen protector

Buying the screen protector

There are basically three types of screensavers, each with their own interests and properties. Choosing the right protector will depend entirely on your needs. Let’s compare:

best glass screen protector

Clear. This is the most practical and traditional option. Here, the only purpose of the screen protector is to take the beating of day-to-day life. When shopping, you’ll notice that some products include multiple protectors, while others include just one. (7d screen protector)

best tempered glass screen protector

They protect your phone against scratches just like other protectors, but will wear over time — you’ll eventually replace your scuffed protector with another one in the pack.

tempered glass screen protector

The monopoly screensaver is usually a bit thicker and their construction is very heavy, which is tedious for a long time.

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Matte. These screen protectors offer the promise of reducing glare while also protecting your device from scratches. Like the clear ones, these protectors also come in packs of one or three, depending on the build.

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However, there is one drawback to using an anti-glare protector: distortion. The material used in these matte protectors often produce a rainbow effect and/or a look that can be compared to pixelation.

glass screen protector

It is said that those who value graphic should decide between glare and distortion. (7d screen protector)

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Privacy. Privacy screensavers often apply to computers, limiting the viewing angle of your device, making sure you can only see the active page. These protectors also protect your screen from scratches, but it’s obvious as the opaque screen is distorted.

best glass screen protector

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