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9D iPhone Screen Protector, Full Cover, Tempered Glass For iPhone X, XR, XS, XS Max, 8, 8+, 7, 7+, 6S, 6S+, 6, 6+

  • For iPhone 6For iPhone 6
  • For iPhone 6 PlusFor iPhone 6 Plus
  • For iPhone 6SFor iPhone 6S
  • For iPhone 6S PlusFor iPhone 6S Plus
  • For iphone 7For iphone 7
  • For iphone 7 PlusFor iphone 7 Plus
  • For iphone 8For iphone 8
  • For iphone 8 PlusFor iphone 8 Plus
  • For iPhone XFor iPhone X
  • For iPhone XRFor iPhone XR
  • for iPhone XSfor iPhone XS
  • For iPhone XS MAXFor iPhone XS MAX
  • For iPhone 6
  • For iPhone 6 Plus
  • For iPhone 6S
  • For iPhone 6S Plus
  • For iphone 7
  • For iphone 7 Plus
  • For iphone 8
  • For iphone 8 Plus
  • For iPhone X
  • For iPhone XR
  • for iPhone XS
  • For iPhone XS MAX
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9D iPhone screen protector


  • Brand Name: YHDKSA
  • Use: Mobile Phone
  • Type: Full Body Film
  • Compatible Phone Brand: Apple iPhone
  • Compatible iPhone Model: iPhone X, XR, XS, XS Max, 8, 8+, 7, 7+, 6S, 6S+, 6, 6+
  • Features: Ultra-thin, Scratch Proof, Anti-Microbial, Easy to Install
  • With Retail Package: No (9D iPhone screen protector)
  • Edge-to-edge Coverage: Yes
  • Package: No

Description: (9D iPhone screen protector)

screen protector online

Every mobile phone owner should consider purchasing a screen protector, whether made of plastic or tempered glass, to protect the value of their phone and prevent damage to the screen. Users of tablets or larger phones should also consider a screen protector to help extend the life of their device. A tempered glass screen protector can prevent unforeseen accidents from destroying the quality of the device, while also offering users extra added benefits, such as anti-glare and anti-reflective coverage. Screen protectants adhere to a cell phone screen’s surface and can easily be removed and reused at any time, making it the perfect investment in a portable device’s safety. (9D iPhone screen protector)

Some benefits use tempered glass screen protector:

Screen protectors can be shatter-resistant

In addition to keeping dirt and fingerprints at bay, tempered glass can be effective protection against scratches and shattering in the event of drops. Many common devices like the iPhone and countless others by Samsung are equipped with screens made of Gorilla Glass, which is resistant to scratches, but a screen protector helps protect your phone further against normal wear and tear. It is also more comfortable for some users as they interact with the touch screen because tempered glass doesn’t bubble or pucker like a plastic screen protector, and it feels just like the phone’s original screen. Though usually more expensive, phone tempered glass screen protectors are more substantial and provide more durability.

Do you want to learn how to apply a screen protector?

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It’s more durable

Tempered glass is sturdier than plastic screen protectors. Tempered glass protectors are scratch-resistant and can absorb shock when you drop your cell phone. They are about 0.3 0.5mm in thickness and is designed to crack instead of your actual phone screen after being dropped. (9D iPhone screen protector)

It’s easier to clean

Since it’s glass, it’s easy to remove fingerprint grease and oils that are on the phone screen. A soft cloth can easily remove grease, oil, dirt, and dust.

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It’s easy to install

If you have ever installed a tempered glass plastic screen protector, then you know it can be difficult. Plastic screen protectors can peel easily and leave those annoying air bubbles under the film. Tempered glass is easier to install and goes on more smoothly. You will have to make sure the screen is properly cleaned before application. (9D iPhone screen protector)

Compatible Phone Brand

Apple iPhone

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