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0.3mm Screen Protector, Tempered Glass For iPhone Xs Max X XR S, 3D Full Cover Protective Glass

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  • Russian FederationRussian Federation
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  • Anti Blue LightAnti Blue Light
  • for iphone 11for iphone 11
  • For iPhone 11 ProFor iPhone 11 Pro
  • for iphone 11pro maxfor iphone 11pro max
  • For iPhone 12For iPhone 12
  • For iPhone 12 MaxFor iPhone 12 Max
  • For iPhone 12 ProFor iPhone 12 Pro
  • For iPhone 12Pro MaxFor iPhone 12Pro Max
  • for iPhone SE 2020for iPhone SE 2020
  • For iPhone XFor iPhone X
  • For iPhone XRFor iPhone XR
  • for iPhone XSfor iPhone XS
  • For iPhone XS MAXFor iPhone XS MAX
  • High DefinitionHigh Definition
  • 1PCS Anti Blue Light1PCS Anti Blue Light
  • 1PCS High Definition1PCS High Definition
  • 2PCS Anti Blue Light2PCS Anti Blue Light
  • 2PCS High Definition2PCS High Definition
  • For Iphone XFor Iphone X
  • For Iphone XRFor Iphone XR
  • For iPhone XSFor iPhone XS
  • For Iphone XS MaxFor Iphone XS Max

Buy 3D Screen Protector


  • Type: Front Film
  • Use: Mobile Phone
  • Compatible iPhone Model:iPhone XS/X/XR/XS MAX
  • Features: Ultra-thin, Easy to Install, Scratch Proof
  • Screen Protector Feature: PET Edged Protection, Anti Blue Light
  • With Retail Package: Yes
  • Edge-to-edge Coverage: Yes
  • Package: Yes

Description: (Buy 3D Screen Protector)

3d screen protector

How to apply a dust-free screensaver

  • First, always be sure to set the screensaver. You want to make sure that the correct side (usually shown in blue) and the screen saver connects your phone to your standard.
  • Once you’ve positioned it correctly, add a piece of tape to the side with the tag facing the phone. Again this is the tag with the blue text and also the tag connected to the side you’re going to pull away first. Add three pieces of tape: one on each end and one in the middle.
  • There’s a pretty neat way to cut this bar under the phone. You want to do this individually and make sure the tape is now pretty much stuck on the phone. What you do is keep the phone horizontal and smooth on the surface, and then quickly pull it toward you. Lower the bar below and stick to the bottom of the phone.
  • Next, you’ll flip the screen protector and wipe both the phone and the screen protector surfaces once more. Then, you’ll begin the installation.

buy 3d screen protector

Aixonne tells you how to tempered-glass. (recommended article!)

  • When you pull the screen protector away, you don’t want to rip it all the way off at once. Let me repeat this: don’t rip it all off at once. Only remove it slightly and for the whole length of the screen protector. As you remove it, pull equally across and push, either with a card or your fingers, the adhesive side against the screen.
  • Now there are bubbles at first, but you can put them with your fingers or a card – again, depending on your preference. In my opinion, the card worked much better. However, there is a technique for this. (buy 3d screen protector)

3d full cover screen protector

The reason I decided it was the best way:

  • Super security with tape.
  • The ability to put the screensaver completely and catch any “mistakes” before applying it.

3d full cover tempered glass

Remember some important things

  • There are three layers to the screen protector.
  • Wipe down everything on your phone (can’t get it too clean for this).
  • Remove any exterior protective phone case
  • Line up the screen protector to the phone before installing

tempered glass screen protector

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