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Glass Screen Protector For Xiaomi Redmi 6 6A, 2PCS

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  • For Xiaomi Redmi 6For Xiaomi Redmi 6
  • For Xiaomi Redmi 6AFor Xiaomi Redmi 6A
  • Tempered GlassTempered Glass

Screen protector Xiaomi


  • Type: Front Film
  • Use: Mobile Phone
  • With Retail Package: No
  • Compatible Phone Brand: Xiaomi
  • Radian:5d
  • Feature: Anti-Scratch, Water-Resistant, Ultra-thin
  • Compatible Xiaomi Model: Redmi 6, 6A
  • Package: No
  • Hardness:9H
  • Edge-to-edge Coverage: No
  • Package: Corrugated boxes
  • Thickness: Ultrathin 0.26 mm

Description: (screen protector Xiaomi)

Smartphones, iPods, PSPs, cameras, or other electronic devices are big investments and one of the most damaging parts of the screen. So it’s understandable that you want to protect it.

glass screen protector
There are a few basic materials:

  • Semi-hard, soft and light, bottle-shaped soft drinks such as PET, most common and generally the best.
  • Very hard, bright glass, like a solid microscope coating. Should have a plastic layer to hold together if damaged. Highly scratch-resistant, but fragile, tends to break apart quickly.
  • Very tough, thick plastic such as polycarbonate. Provides direct impact protection. Not very scratch resistant–won’t stay pretty. May reduce the accuracy of touchscreens.
  • Soft vinyl plastic. Not recommended as generally less pleasant to use, but does prevent scratches. (screen protector Xiaomi)

Aixonne tells you how to tempered-glass. (recommended article!)

tempered glass screen protector

How to apply a screen protector

  • Wash your hands with a clean towel. Every bit of shaking is too much.
  • Clear the page. Do not use it with a soft solvent such as a glasses cleaner or a soap dip so that it does not harm the quality of the surrounding area. Dry with a soft cloth and wipe with a blower, or an easy to clean cloth, with fabrics without cloth, such as wiping off the microfiber, which is often provided with a screen protector.
  • Check the screen saver. Carefully remove it from the box or packing it. Before raising it behind, place the screen saver on the screen to see how much margin is on each side and ensure features such as camera spots and microphone holes.
  • Remove remaining dust bits with a mild glue. Dust is the most important thing to be removed from the screen protector: Ultimately, the bubbles are spread through plastic, and small fingerprints can be integrated with glue, but particles of dust remain. (screen protector Xiaomi)
    Some fancy screen protector kits include a special tag for dust collection.
  • Stick on the screen protector, aligning an edge carefully. Peel back the screen protector’s backing from one end (leaving it on the other allows more control by holding that end). Align it with the correct edge of the screen, leaving the margin you determined previously and watching how the alignment of the sides perpendicular to it will fall. Then peel off the entire backing and smooth down the protector.

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