Best Acrylic Earrings, Earring for Women, Rhinestone Circle Earrings
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Acrylic Earring for Women, Fashion Long Geometric Asymmetry Earrings, Rhinestone Circle Earrings

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Best acrylic earrings


  • Item Type: Earrings
  • Metals Type: Zinc Alloy
  • Earring Type: Drop Earrings
  • Shape\pattern: Geometric
  • Fine or Fashion: Fashion
  • Style: Trendy
  • Gender: Women

Description: (best acrylic earrings)

earrings for womens

How to choose earrings considering face shape?

The world of fashion divides faces into several types: oval, round, narrow (rectangular), square, heart-shaped and diamond-shaped. The classification is pretty relative, as it’s almost impossible to find clear examples of the named face shapes. Taking the feature into consideration, your main task while choosing earrings is to define what face shape you deal with. The new earrings shouldn’t make the face more round, a square silhouette more massive or triangle one sharper. So you can say that you should choose the earrings that improve the shape of your face. (best acrylic earrings)
The main rule is to buy the shape of the earrings exactly opposite to the face shape.

best ladies earrings

Oval face

Oval faces are ideal because they allow you to wear earrings of any shape possible. However, it’s better to avoid long narrow dangle models, which can visually pull the face proportions.

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best fashion earrings

Round face

If you choose the right type of earrings, it can make the cheeks look slimmer. Big oval earrings or models in the form of an inverted triangle are a perfect match for those, who have round faces. The ideal choice of women with round faces is medium size dangle earrings.

buy womens earrings

Narrow face (rectangular)

While buying earrings for a person with a narrow or rectangular face, it’s reasonable to choose big oval earrings, the ones in the form of crescents, rings, and hearts. Sharp face features look smoother if a person wears round, broad earrings. Say yeas to broad, not long shapes of earrings. (best acrylic earrings)

earrings for womens

Square face

Hanging earrings, drops and an ideal ring for a person with a square face. Choose round or rectangular patterns. Avoid squares and small earrings. Longer earrings make the face longer while rounding it helps sharpen the facial features.

earrings for womens

Heart or diamond-shaped face

Using earrings women with such faces can smooth the high cheekbones or give more volume to the long chin.

The earrings are an amazing piece of jewelry that can easily enhance any image. When choosing an earring, paying attention to the shape of the face is important. Because there are different styles of earrings, every woman can use them to emphasize the natural beauty of their faces. (best acrylic earrings)

best earrings for womens

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