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3in1 Wide Angle Macro Fisheye Lens For Phone’s Camera


Mobile phone lens online


  • Brand Name: GETIHU
  • Phone Camera Type: Wide-Angle Len
  • Model Number: Mobile Phone Lenses
  • Shape: Round (mobile phone lens online)
  • Color: Black. Gold, Silver. Red, Blue
  • Name: Fisheye
  • Compatible Brand: Motorola, Apple iPhone, Samsung, Sony-Ericsson, HTC, LG, Nokia

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Description: (mobile phone lens online)

A fisheye lens is designed for shooting very wide angles, usually 180 degrees. They are popular in a landscape, extreme sport, and artistic photography.

A fisheye lens, also known as an “ultra-wide” or “super wide” lens, is a type of wide angle lens that can capture an extremely wide image, typically around 180 degrees. The images they produce are highly distorted, giving them a dynamic, abstract feel. (mobile phone lens online)

Fisheye lenses are popular for photographing extremely wide panoramas of landscapes and the sky, and for shooting close-up subjects such as interiors, crowds,  and architecture. They are also commonly can use it to photograph action sports such as skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing.

As well as being used for practical purposes, many artists have adopted them due to the unusual, distorted images they produce. They use them to take intriguing photographs of all types of subjects, from still life to portraits. (mobile phone lens online)

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What is a wide angle lens?

A wide angle lens is any lens with a short focal length and a wide field of view. This lens allows the camera to capture much more of the scene than a normal lens can, making it great for architectural and landscape photography or any other application that requires the photographer to include more background information in the resulting image.

Wide angle lenses allow photographers to get as close to the subject as possible without excluding crucial elements in the background scene, giving viewers the feeling of being—as though they’re viewing the scene with their own eyes rather than through a photograph. (mobile phone lens online)

All wide angle lenses come in fixed (wide prime) and variable (wide zoom) focal length varieties.

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Compatible Brand

Motorola, Apple iPhones, Samsung, Sony-Ericsson, HTC, LG, Nokia

Brand Name




Phone Camera Type

Wide-Angle Len

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