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Men’s Belts, Cow Genuine Leather, Vintage, Pin Buckle

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  • Z111 Black 3.3CMZ111 Black 3.3CM
  • Z111 Coffee 3.3CMZ111 Coffee 3.3CM
  • Z222 Black 3.3CMZ222 Black 3.3CM
  • Z222 Coffee 3.3CMZ222 Coffee 3.3CM
  • ZFFF Black 3.8CMZFFF Black 3.8CM
  • ZFFF Coffee 3.8CMZFFF Coffee 3.8CM
  • Z111 Black 3.3CM
  • Z111 Coffee 3.3CM
  • Z222 Black 3.3CM
  • Z222 Coffee 3.3CM
  • ZFFF Black 3.8CM
  • ZFFF Coffee 3.8CM
  • 100cm100cm
  • 105cm105cm
  • 110CM110CM
  • 115cm115cm
  • 120cm120cm
  • 125cm125cm
  • 90CM90CM
  • 95cm95cm
  • 100cm
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  • 95cm

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  • Brand Name: NO.ONEPAUL
  • item Type: Belts
  • Model Number: ZKKK3
  • Gender: Men
  • Department Name: Adult
  • Belts Material: Cowskin, Metal
  • Style: Casual (buy men’s belts)
  • Pattern Type: Solid
  • Buckle Width: 4.5cm
  • Buckle Length: 5.5cm
  • Belt Width: 3.5cm

Description: (buy men’s belts)

Casual belts have a lot less rules and more flexibility depending on the situation, so you can get away with the same belt for a lot of different scenarios, or have many different belts that you use with the same outfit.

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Leather is the most common type of material for casual belts, and as you learned in the dress belts section, you should always choose a “full grain leather” belt. This is actually even more important for a casual belt if you can believe that, as many people wear their belt on a daily basis, and it will tend to break down quickly unless it’s made from full grain leather.

Suede is another type of material that is commonly used for casual belts. It’s not quite as durable as full grain leather, but it typically has a full grain leather backing for extra strength and durability, and the nap on the front makes for a nice change from your standard leather. (buy men’s belts)

Cotton is the last major material used for casual belts. It’s going to be the most affordable of the materials and is also considered the most casual of the three types of belts.

Cotton belts are unique in that they can use a standard D ring as a buckle, so the belt just folds over itself (which is also the most casual of all of the belts), or you can add a leather trim to the ends, and have the belt use a normal buckle with punched holes.

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The finish on leather casual belts is typically less shiny and more matte than dress belts. They may or may not also have stitching, depending on your preference. (buy men’s belts)


As you might guess, there are more buckle options for casual belts. While some belts have a polished buckle, especially statement belts that are meant to stand out, most casual belts have more of a burnished or matte finish to them. (buy men’s belts)

In addition, casual belt buckle shapes can range from a square with a roller to rounded and may be more ornate than their dress belt counterparts.

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Cowskin, Metal



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