Mens Striped Shirts Online, Casual, Long Sleeved, Large Size S- 8XL
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Men’s Striped Shirts, Casual, Long Sleeved, Large Size S- 8XL

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Men’s striped shirts online


  • Brand Name: QISHA
  • Item Type: Shirts
  • Gender: Men
  • Material: Polyester Fiber,Cotton
  • Asian Size: S/ M/ L/ XL/ XXL/ XXXL/ 4XL/ 5XL/ 6XL/ 7XL/ 8XL
  • Shirts Type:  Business, Casual Shirts
  • Sleeve Length (cm): Full
  • Collar: Turndown Collar (men’s striped shirts online)
  • Fabric Type: Broadcloth
  • Sleeve Style: Regular
  • Pattern Type: Striped
  • Closure Type: Single Breasted

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Description: (men’s striped shirts online)

Stripes have been a menswear staple for pretty much ever, but not all stripes are created equal. Rocking a striped look is about choosing the right kind for your body type, matching your outfit accordingly and finding a balance between bold and conservative.

Stripes are a series of parallel lines that do not cross each other. They are found in a variety of orientations in menswear; typically, suits and shirts feature vertical stripes, though horizontally striped garments do exist, as well. Neckwear and accessories (such as pocket squares or hat bands) may feature stripes in various orientations. Because of the lack of interaction between lines, striped patterns are simpler than checks, which also means they tend to be more reserved, and therefore more formal. (men’s striped shirts online)

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As is usually the case with any bold colors or patterns, accessories are a good place to start with stripes because they represent a relatively small dose of the pattern, and can integrate a bit of interest without becoming visually overwhelming. The most commonly represented stripes on neckties are hairline stripes, colored shadow stripes, and regimental stripes (all most often at a diagonal, though the first two of these can sometimes be vertical or horizontal). Multi-track stripes can be a good choice for casualties, and wooly winter ties gain subtle interest from a fabric-style shadow stripe. (men’s striped shirts online)

In drab winter weather, a striped scarf can be a terrific option as well, lending interest and excitement when colors are more muted. Meanwhile, in summer, outfitting a straw hat with a striped band can up your sporty sprezzatura.

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Item Type


Shirts Type

Casual Shirts


Polyester Fiber, Cotton

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Turn-down Collar

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Closure Type

Single Breasted

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