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Cotton Socks For Men And Women, Funny Crew Socks, 1 Pair

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Cotton socks buy online


  • Brand Name: MYORED
  • Gender: Men & Women
  • Item Type: Sock
  • High: Crew
  • Material: Nylon, Spandex, Cotton
  • Thickness: Standard (cotton socks buy online)
  • Sock Type: Casual
  • Size: 1 size suitable for 38-46 EU and 7-12 US
  • Features: Breathable, Anti-friction, Absorbent, Anti-beriberi, Deodorant
  • Packing: No Tag* bag packed

best cotton socks

Description: (cotton socks buy online)

  • The best thing about organic clothes is, they are free from harmful chemicals. The fabric is made with no use of harsh chemicals or pollutants, which means the surroundings are free from the impact of chemicals.
  • Organic cotton socks are extremely soft. They are self-absorbent. You will not feel uncomfortable when there is heavy sweating in your feet, because they will absorb all the sweat and let your feet breathe.
  • You are safe from allergies if you are wearing organic socks. Organic cotton does not involve the use of chemicals, which means you are safe from various types of allergies such as skin and respiratory allergies.
  • Socks are ultra comfortable and hug the foot.
  • Wearing the socks inside boat shoes it assures you of a better fit. Especially if the shoe leather stretches slightly. (cotton socks buy online)
  • Deeper cushioning in the sole of the sock, giving more comfort.
  • If made from cotton, they absorb sweat.
  • By wearing the crew socks with the regularity you will not need to keep purchasing deodorizing products so your feet don’t Pong!

best men's cotton socks

The material of socks: (cotton socks buy online)

Common base materials include cotton, wool, nylon, and polyester.

  • Cotton socks are absorbent and good for soaking sweat off the skin, but it doesn’t wick moisture towards its surface and it doesn’t allow wetness to evaporate quickly.
  • Wool breathes easily and lets wetness evaporate. It’s warmer but lacks specific wicking properties for speeding moisture away from the body.
  • Synthetics such as polyester and nylon encourage wicking but provide little cushioning for the foot. (cotton socks buy online)
  • Cotton and cotton blends are usually used for striped and patterned socks for casual sneakers and casual or dressier leather shoes.
  • Fine wool blends and cashmere dress socks are good for leather dress shoes and anything that needs to be smart.

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Nylon, Spandex, Cotton

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