Men's Cotton Boxers For Sale, Comfortable Underpants, 4pcs/lot
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Men’s Cotton Boxers, Comfortable Underpants, 4pcs/lot

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Men’s cotton boxers for sale


  • Brand Name: SKY HERO
  • Model Number: SKYHERO0808
  • Material: Cotton
  • Gender: Men (men’s cotton boxers for sale)
  • Briefs & Boxers: Boxer Shorts
  • Pattern Type: Solid

Description: (men’s cotton boxers for sale)

Most guys are quick to disregard the underwear washing instructions printed on the care labels, blaming busy schedules and no time for bailing on proper underwear care, but investing a few extra minutes comes with a host of benefits, including:

  • Keeping colors bright.
  • Preventing elastic from stretching out and drooping. (men’s cotton boxers for sale)
  • Preserving the integrity of the fabric, which prevents sagging.
  • Prolonging the life of your underwear which ultimately saves money.

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The three deadly sins of underwear care:

Hot Dryer:

The average home dryer can generate heat up to 180°F, making the inside a virtual oven that bakes your underwear, taking the stretch out of elastic and resulting in saggy fabric and lose waistbands. Also, in that kind of heat, the friction of fabrics rubbing against each other becomes like sandpaper, dulling colors and silky fabrics. If the smell of burning rubber wafts up from your pile of freshly dried laundry, you know it’s too hot. Air drying is the ideal way to help your underwear look better and last longer, but if you are in a hurry and forced to use a dryer, go for the cool to warm fluffing cycle. It can take a little longer but think of that as more time for your underwear to look great. (men’s cotton boxers for sale)

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Fabric softener & bleach:

Fabric softener, while making your t-shirts teddy bear soft, is a nightmare for nylon and polyester based microfiber fabrics. The softening agents and added fragrance wreak havoc on the knit and can leave a residue. Since microfiber is already silky soft, there’s no need for this extra step. It’s ok to use on cotton, but only if absolutely necessary. Bleach is best left to heavy duty washes, as it can weaken fabrics over time. If you need the extra disinfecting power of bleach, keep usage to every other wash to keep your underwear in tip-top condition.

Drying in direct sunlight:

The damaging UVA and UVB rays cause your skin to turn to leather can weaken fabrics and fade colors. Instead of direct sunlight, air dry your underwear in the shade, where they are exposed to fresh air but not the harsh sunlight. (men’s cotton boxers for sale)

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Briefs & Boxers

Boxer Shorts



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