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    USB Charging Cable For Phones, Type C / Micro USB/ USB Cable/ Data Cable, USAMS

    • Black for iPhoneBlack for iPhone
    • Black For MicroBlack For Micro
    • Black For Type CBlack For Type C
    • Blue for iPhoneBlue for iPhone
    • Blue for MicroBlue for Micro
    • Blue for Type CBlue for Type C
    • Green for iPhoneGreen for iPhone
    • Green for MicroGreen for Micro
    • Green for Type CGreen for Type C
    • Pink for iPhonePink for iPhone
    • Pink for MicroPink for Micro
    • Pink for Type CPink for Type C
    • White for iPhoneWhite for iPhone
    • White for MicroWhite for Micro
    • White for Type CWhite for Type C
    • 0.6m0.6m
    • 120cm120cm
    • 200cm200cm
    • 2m2m
    • 60cm60cm

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    • Brand Name: USAMS
    • Length: 0.6m, 1.2m, 2m 
    • Color: Black, White, Green, Blue, Pink
    • Has Retail Package: Yes


    • Support Max Current 2A.
    • Noodle flat design, colorful and elegant appearance.
    • The mobile phone USB cable for iPhone/  USB Type-C/Micro USB.
    • Compatible for iOS 12/ 11/ 10/ 9.(bu.y USB charging cable online)

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    Flat, not knotted:

    Noodle line design, not easy to tie knot easy to store, more convenient.

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    Concave joint:

    Humanized design, fitting finger radian better use of the plug or unplug experience. (buy USB charging cable online)

    Smart chip:

    Effective filtering of dangerous current voltages and data protecting your mobile phone.

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    Charge transmission:

    Support smart charging& data transmission at the same time, stable, fast, efficient and timesaving.

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    Widely compatible:

    Compatible type-c interface smart device. (buy USB charging cable online)

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    System compatible, no pop-up:

    Synchronized with the system upgrade, system upgrade does not change the data line.

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    Widely compatible:

    Compatible for lightning interface smart device.

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    Widely compatible:

    Compatible micro interface smart device.

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    Description: (buy USB charging cable online)

    USB Type-C, which is just starting to show up in consumer devices, has some cool new features that you won’t find in older USB connectors.

    • Small: The new port is half the width and one-third the height of a standard USB connector and only slightly larger than Apple’s Lightning or the micro-USB connectors.
    • Reversible: Unlike older USB cable, it doesn’t matter which side is up with a Type-C plug; you can insert it either way.
    • Fast: Type-C ports can transfer data using the zippy speeds of the latest version of the USB protocol — up to 10 gigabits per second.
    • Powerful: The new connector can provide up to 100 watts of power, enough to power a laptop. (buy USB charging cable online)
    • Flexible: Via adapters, users will be able to connect older devices to Type-C ports, even devices that use non-USB technologies, like Display port, VGA and Ethernet.

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    Package List:

    • 1* Mobile Phone USB cable.
    • (For micro iPhone Type C, just choose what type you want)

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    Brand Name


    Compatible Brand

    Apple iPhones, Panasonic, Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, LG, Palm, Toshiba, SONY, HTC, Motorola

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