How to remotely control your camera

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Most cameras have a range of remote control capabilities that we don’t even realize exist. The best accessory is one that you can use for lots of different photo experiments. A camera remote often called a remote trigger or wireless shutter release is a device you characteristically use when you want to avoid camera shake during a long exposure. If you’ve ever wanted to take a nice self-portrait, dive into time-lapse photography you can do all of it with a variety of wired and wireless options. There are many situations that make photographers use their camera wirelessly. But the problem is that most cameras in the market are not Wi-Fi or wireless. Read this article to know how to remotely control your camera.


Use a remote shutter release

How to remotely control your camera: One of the simplest ways to control your camera remotely is a remote shutter. We’re huge fans of remote shutter releases because they’re lightweight, cheap, idiot proof. And also can live in your camera bag. The modest remote shutter releases are just a button you press, and your camera takes a picture without you touching it.


Take a photo with the phone software

How to remotely control your camera: In fact, this device makes it possible for you to place only the camera. And when you enter the unleashed software, you can take photos and record video. And even adjust the color, lighting the camera so that you can take beautiful pictures of Hunt yourself and nature. Designing this device in a special way, and even you can put it on the camera, even if the camera takes pictures in your bag, there’s no problem.

How to remotely control your camera

Tether your camera to your computer

How to remotely control your camera: Adobe Lightroom supports tethered shooting with both Nikon and Canon cameras. For Nikon shooters, your best options are Digi camera control if you have a Windows PC or Sofortbild if you have a Mac. The greatest obvious downside to this option is that it involves your computer. If you want to do something like take a timelapse from your apartment, absolutely need a way to remotely control your camera. Studio photographers, and other professional photographers, very regularly connect their camera to their computer.


How to remotely control your camera: Advanced camera control

This device has an application that you can easily install on Android and iOS phones, and after shutter speed, color balance, exposure and photo capture, and even the location of your photos. You can hold the DSLR camera without touching the camera’s trigger button. So you can take good pictures of the camera.


Long exposure

How to remotely control your camera: Cameras have the ability to give us fairly long shutter speeds. With remote, you can actually set the shutter speed to be almost 100 hours in length. If you are a photographer you know that long exposure photography is a great way to show the passage of time in a frame. On most of the cameras, the slowest shutter speed that we can use is 30 seconds, or maybe a minute in length.


Show location of photos with mobile tracker

How to remotely control your camera. In some ways, with the activation of the mobile tracker, you can use Bluetooth GPS. And also you can see the exact position of the photos taken. In a way, even if your phone is lost, you can easily find your phone with GPS. You can install on any Unleashed camera and with the handset software, restrict all cameras remotely.