RAM types and best RAM 2018

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In this article we are going to discuss about ram types and at the end we are going to introduce the best DDR4 RAM 2018.

In fact, the amount of ram’s storage is much more important, however, nowadays you can’t disclaim the direct effect of ram’s type on the speed of pc performance.

Types of ram

There are 3 general ram types:



3.Rambus DRAM

SRAM (Static random-access)

ram types

It is a kind of RAM that does not need to be refreshed over certain periods of time.

As you might know, other RAMs read the data that has been written in an area of them and then, immediately they rewrite the data in the same area again without any changes and modifying it. This process is called “refreshing”.

But SRAMs do not need this refreshing due to their architecture. Basically these “Static random-access ” are being used in:

cache memory for CPUs

buffers within hard drives

temporary storage for LCD screens

note that you won’t be able to change the SRAM of a system, as it is usually soldered directly to a PCB

(printed circuit board) or integrated directly to a chip.

Talking about the performance of these temporary storages, we should say that they are faster but with lower storages in comparison with DRAMs.

SDRAM (Synchronous DRAM)

ram types

This is the first that runs in sync with the processor bus (bus: electrical connections that links different parts of the computer’s components to gather,). They are rated by bus speed (PC100 equals 100MHz bus speed , PC66 equals 66MHz bus speed, .etc. )

The maximum speed of SDRAMs is 133MHz (officially ) up to 180MHz (as a unofficial announcement!).

as the processors kept developing and they became faster and faster, newer kind of RAMs (: DDRs and RDRAMs) introduced.

DDR (known as DDR SDRAM or Double Data Rate SDRAM)

ram types

it basically doubles the rate of data transfer of standard SDRAM. This kind of ram has 184 pins they work at 2.5 volts voltage.

DDRs are often rated by throughput (MBps). Common speeds for DDR SDRAM include:

PC3200 (400MHz/3200Mbps) as the fastest speed,

PC2700 (333MHz/2700Mbps),

PC2100 (266MHz/2100Mbps),

PC1600 (200MHz/1600Mbps),

Note: other speeds are available from some vendors.


Rambus DRAM is originally designed to operate at bus speeds, up to 800MHz but only with 16bits in width.

Best ram 2018


ram types

According to the most reviews, all in all, the CORSAIR VENGEANCE LED is the top notch of RAMs in 2018.

The most important futures of this product are:

BUILT-IN HEAT SPREADERSwhich Ensures proper cooling and improves thermal conductivity of the RAM.

SUPPORTS XMP 2.0which helps it TO automatically, select the maximum reliable overclocking settings for the best possible performance and stability.

SPD Speed: 2133MHz

SPD Voltage: 1.2V

Tested Speed: 3200MHz

Tested Voltage: 1.35V

Package Memory Pin: 288

Memory Type: DDR4

Memory Configuration: Dual / Quad Channel